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Shifting Xenan Tokens

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Shift has got to be my favorite keyword.

I'm sitting around top 20 masters with this deck right now (will probably change as the month goes on).

This deck is feeling really strong so far. Phase Out doubles as a combo piece and a removal spell. Remembrance is a blowout if you hit Vishni, Lethrai Highblood with it.

Shifting Ghar, Master Sandmage with Phase Out on turn 2 is extremely strong. Just watch your opponents sadly play silenced creatures for the next few turns.

The core of the deck is a Xenan tempo setup with Teacher of Humility and Amaran Stinger. These cards help set up an extremely powerful early game that will keep the opponent on their heels. Tocas, Waystone Harvester has also proven to be very good, and he has especially nice synergy with Xenan Obelisk.

The market is largely experimental, Clock of Stolen Hours feels necessary for another anthem effect. Nullblade has been useful, mostly just as a weapon as the -5-5 has not been relevant yet. I have yet to Utilize Livia, Hexweaver but she seems like an ideal Market card as she counters both endurance creatures and tokens (scorpions mostly).

Matchup rundown will be a bit difficult as there is no defined meta yet. Just don't be afraid to throw out Ghar and Vishni on curve, you can always Shift them later. All in all this is my favorite brew of Dark Frontier so far. Let me know what you think!


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2 3

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16 21 11

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11 15 18 22

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33 6 15 0 26

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Homecoming [Set1005]


May 10, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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Mysty Eternal Version: 1.46
Have you tried Kimi in this deck? it feel like it might fit well.