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**Updated** Sh*ts on Spire

Throne Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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**Update**: I've updated the Sh*ts on Spire list taking into account suggestions made about Obstructive Flicker maindeck, Beastly Disruption in the Market, and adding one more negate in the Market with Swift Refusal.

**Original Write-up**
There is literally nothing special about this deck. If it hadn't done so well, I probably would not have bothered with it. But it went 75% win rate through bottom D2 to Masters. **Update: You can see it in action during this match.

It's basically a Jarrall Ascending deck, 26 spells, including 8 negate options. One more in the Market. I chose Swift Refusal and Dazzle, but I had considered Check-Raise. Basically, I wanted to counter Spire Shadows which I have faced way too often the last two weeks. Throne has been just awash with Spire, seemingly like 50% of the time. Whether it is or not, that's for DWD to decide.

I love card draw, so I went with cards that would fill my hand so that I'd find the counters to Spire. Things like Wisdom of the Elders; Jotun Feast-Caller; Sodi, Wingbreaker doubling as removal, a big butt, and card draw; and Helio, the Skywinder.

Display of Survival played the usual face Aegis and draw or slaughtering Spire when they flood the board with units. Ice Bolt is just pretty decent removal that ignores Aegis.

The Market has Backlash to pop Aegis and early access to a counter. Heavy Hail for the Aggro matchups. You either win them or you lose them. Linrei's Codex and Deep Freeze play similar roles in stunning opposing units. Codex has the added benefit of card draw, but really... It's the flying that matters most there. Living Reflection gives you a copy of whatever you need. Another Jarrall to do damage, Helio for more draw, or Maveloft Huntress for removal.

Like I said... it poops on Spire, and that was literally the only reason I made this deck.


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Awakening [Set1095]


December 4, 2023

November 18, 2023


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Dante1976 Eternal Version: 23.11.09
I understand your frustration with this type of combo deck, got similar issues before in the past with the praxis ramp fire faction which in that deck they will burn you with a massive burn spell of 999, here is a suggestion since you already build a mono prime with a lot of negate, you could also try what i call a disruption type of deck with an addition of shadow in your deck, since shadow has a lot of hand disruption spell also units having the same ability, that will help you disrupt their hand beffore they manage to do their own combo, its an add on only as an option, as negate will still be best since you could interact it in their own turns
Almost Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Nice idea. One minor suggestion is that Obstructive Flicker is better than Swift Refusal since you will always have the influence on turn 2.
dudrosa Eternal Version: 23.11.09