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ETS 2/23/19

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ETS 2019 S1W7 - Top 8
February 23, 2019


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
4 4 1

Power Sources
13 15 11 13

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Deck Rarities
12 15 27 13

Card Types
30 8 15 1 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


February 24, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.43 - Community Store

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Wumpelstitskin Eternal Version:
After initially struggling, I really enjoy playing this deck. It was fun even when I was losing earlier. I’ve been experimenting with big Icaria and Sword of the Sky King in market over Banner and Plate. I was running into a lot of Temporal and struggling to beat them and finding myself with lots of power and nothing to do. Could never resolve and attack with a Plate and they draw wrath so consistently. It seems to be working well in current meta,
Knifebloom Edited Eternal Version:
If you're interested in relentlessly smashing Temporal into the ground I highly recommend trying out this paladin deck. There is a ton of room to experiment with decks after you've put in the mandatory FJS includes (Hojan and Anointer).

I personally wouldn't run multiple 8 cost cards in the market (especially in a deck with Xo) and would be more likely to go with Bore or Brel in place of Plate. I'm also surprised that so many people want to replace the Banner in the market, I pull it out all the time. I assume that I mulligan differently and have a bad habit of keeping dangerously low amounts of power if hands include strong openers (aka Hojan hands).

If you want to listen to me talk about the deck Sifudanny asked me a few questions over Discord and it turned into a 1 hour youtube video. I recommend increasing playback speed to improve the pacing of my answers.
Wumpelstitskin Edited Eternal Version:
I must be playing this deck wrong bc I have yet to come even close to winning a game. Are you mulliganing looking for paladin bond combo every game?
raptorjesas Edited Eternal Version:
Highly recommend watching Knifebloom play it in ETS a few days ago, he's the first set of matches in this VOD, search around for the rest. Also I took out the banner from the market and threw in Bore, been having better success with that change, could be a ladder vs tournament type of thing.
Comment Deleted
Ninjacan Eternal Version:
wow. nice job, quite the brew
Knifebloom Eternal Version:
The named listing for this deck that I posted prior to this tournament can be found here. It will track any changes that I try out and may at some point include a useful description.
Almost Eternal Version:
Thoughts on Spiked Helm? The deck has 12 units that care about weapons so it should provide pretty good value for the cost.
Knifebloom Eternal Version:
For a weapon to be worth including it needs to be useful without Oni Quartermaster on the field since you have no guarantees that you will draw any. This deck does not have any problems triggering Hojan, Crownbreaker's Renown and playing it on Copperhall Paladin for 0 cost ramp is only strong if you have more power in hand to play and something to ramp into (Xo or Chains). With a deck that already has large amounts of low cost cards and ramp that frequently wins by out valuing your opponent that is not particularly attractive. If you do draw Quartermaster a 0 power +1/+1 draw a card is not an interesting payoff - great, now you've taken Quartermaster out of Lightning Storm range. If you do have another weapon synergy card then it's obviously strong, but then you have to realize that the strength of this deck is that it already has combos far stronger than that. 0 power +1/+1 draw a card play a justice sigil from your deck pales into comparison to bonding a Copperhall for a 0 power play a 5/6 lifesteal, draw 2 cards and play 2 justice sigils.

Being able to play Hojan -> Quartersmith + Helm is very nice but it doesn't justify the massive opportunity cost of a low value card in hand for how I play this particular deck. I find Warhelm to be a far more compelling option especially after a tournament where 5/7 of my matches were against Temporal.

I may try out Spiked Helm in an FTJ list that features a lot more weapon synergy. Several sets ago I had fun running it in a deck with Stella, the Shotcaller and Rakano Artisan - it was a really bad deck, but high rolling with a chain of 0 or 1 cost weapons with +4/+4 is exactly my style.