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Keelo Ordnance OTK

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Credit to genericaviary for the core combo, and for chatting about it. Their take on the combo is here:

Combo Requirements
* Have Shiftstone Processor in play
* Get to 5 max power, transforming all your Transmute cards into non-power
* Have at least 2 Shadow influence
* Have at least 1 card in your hand
* Play Ordnance Scavenger to combo out

The Combo
* Play Ordnance Scavenger to discard your deck (since there is guaranteed less than 5 power cards left).
* Return the only weapon in the deck to your hand: Surgeon's Saw.
* Shiftstone Processor triggers to give you an excessive amount of Power.
* Play the Surgeon's Saw on whatever unit, and use the Spellcraft Dark Return to get back a Cen Wastes Smuggler from your void.
* Play the Cen Wastes Smuggler and trade a card in your hand for Dumping Ground.
* Play Dumping Ground and skip the Summon effect.
* Activate Dumping Ground and bring back Grinva, Judge of Battles + Gravewatch Guardian, or simply 2 copies of Gravewatch Guardian.
* If your opponent has Aegis, attack with the big Gravewatch Guardian(s). If they don't (and you brought back a Grinva, Judge of Battles), just pass turn and let the two units you brought back with Dumping Ground die immediately, which triggers Grinva, Judge of Battles to blast your opponent directly in the face for 100+ damage due to the huge Gravewatch Guardian.

The influence strictly required for the combo is FJSS, though if we want to play all the cards we intend to in this deck we want FFJJPSS. Unfortunately due to the combo needing us to play Transmute Power, we're stuck playing almost entirely single-faction power. In order to improve our odds of getting the required influence, we're running the following:
* Seek Power + 1 of each of our Sigils
* Kodosh Evangel, Shavka Evangel, and Makkar Evangel (these are the only cards which require JJ and FF, so the influence requirements for the deck are effectively only FJPSS)
* Unfamiliar Interloper

Keelo, Bold Innovator searches are pretty simple: you can aim for a Smuggler, or you can aim for Ordnance Scavenger via Silverwing Familiar:
* 2-Cost to Find 2-Cost: Unfamiliar Interloper (and it's Nightmare), Keelo, Bold Innovator
* 2-Cost to Find 3-Cost: Kodosh Evangel, Shavka Evangel, Makkar Evangel
* 3-Cost to Find 3-Cost: Cen Wastes Smuggler, Howling Peak Smuggler
* 3-Cost to Find 6-Cost: Silverwing Familiar

Additional Slots
* Open Contract: Power-efficient problem solver, and the downside doesn't have much time to be relevant.
* Strategize: Dig for combo pieces we want to play while putting combo pieces we want to cheese later back into the deck.

Market Extras
* Bore: can efficiently get rid of things like Adjudicator's Gavel and Citywide Ban that would otherwise be GG.
* Torch: efficient removal in case you need it
* Stonescar Banner: helps ensure power drops, influence, and is one of the few power cards we can use to get to 6 max power to hard-cast Ordnance Scavenger.

* Flame Blast in Market: provides a kill option if your Grinva, Judge of Battles and/or Gravewatch Guardian get silenced/transformed, but requires FFF which is troublesome. Also your opponent can generally just choose to silence/transform Ordnance Scavenger instead, so you're relying on your opponent to make the wrong choice.
* 4-Power Units with 2 Battle Skills: there are some options, but it basically is just adding more complexity to the Keelo pathing and/or more power to hard-cast for limited benefit.
* Stonescar Leviathan: another option to combo with Grinva, Judge of Battles, but it loses to Aegis AND Armor.
* Means to an End: another potential win condition in place of Dumping Ground, but is clunkier, easier to dodge lethal from, and you can randomly discard your only Surgeon's Saw, which forces you to also already have the extra Cen Wastes Smuggler in your hand when you want to combo.

Misc Notes
* You can't get up to 6 power without saving a Sigil or the market Banner for the 6th (unless your opponent is kind enough to kill/block a random unit of yours so you get +1 power from Shiftstone Processor. If you think you're going to need to hard-cast Ordnance Scavenger, try and save the extra power card if you don't need it immediately.
* Ordnance Scavenger only returns a weapon that it specifically discarded when summoned, so if you draw your 1 copy of Surgeon's Saw try not to discard or market it unless you need to.
* When choosing what to grab back with Dumping Ground, consider what options your opponent has to react. If they might have a Fast kill spell, it is best to bring back the combo of Grinva, Judge of Battles + Gravewatch Guardian and immediately end turn to deny your opponent the chance to kill Grinva early. If for some reason you suspect your opponent can get a Fast Aegis via something like Transpose, it might be better to just try attacking with one or two Gravewatch Guardian.
* Make sure to remember that you need 2 Shadow influence to cast your Dumping Ground. Either have it or plan to get it before the end of your combo turn or you'll just die instead.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 3 1 3

Power Sources
3 5 9 10 1

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
19 39 11 7

Card Types
37 3 14 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


May 13, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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Jackdanielsparrow Eternal Version: 20.05.12
Maybe its worth considering Horus Traver in place of some evangels. Not Keeloable, but always castable and you can choose the influence, so it might help with consistency or even free up some of the fixing slots
Amorphous Eternal Version: 20.05.12
Good call - thank you for the suggestion. I originally passed it by due to the Evangels being highly-synergistic with the deck, but there is definitely something to be said about getting Horus Traver out with a single free power and it being a quicker speed bump vs aggro. Especially with the handicap of using almost all depleted power I need the deck to be as lean as possible, and the slight boost to influence consistency would be a welcome bonus. I think I like the Evangel Keelo synergy too much to have a net gain in available slots, but I'll try at least doing a 1:1 swap of a few Evangels.