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Ixtun Gardens (Master)

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Reached Masters with a combination of this deck and Xenan Bounce (Masters) at the end of August 2019.

Like many others, I thought the latest promo card (Garden of Omens) was one of the best promos we have seen so far and enabled spell-heavy strategies. While I have seen many variants of Jennev and Skycrag on the ladder, I actually never met another player going the Ixtun route. The idea behind the deck is to go unitless and bury your opponent under sheer card advantage backed up by efficient sweepers. The deck also requires very little influence. If you discount singletons (see below) and the market all you ever need is 2P2J1F, which makes it very consistent. The deck has more 3-ofs, 2ofs and even singletons than your usual deck, but given the sheer amount of cards you draw, I believe this actually helps by having varied tooling for different situations.

Card Choices - Card Draw & Selection
Ixtun provides you with a myriad of options to create card advantage, I decided to go with a relatively simple set of draw spells: Strategize, Wisdom of the Elders and Honor of Claws. While I see the value that Xo and Hurler provide with their fate triggers, I have enough fodder for Strategize and Honor as is. Next to that, Eilyn's Favor provides much-needed Aegis while fixing your power while Re-read acts as a pseudo-tutor late in game, allowing you to replay one of your previously played spells

Card Choices - Removal
Ixtun just has too many options. I have no idea if this is the best configuration, but it works amazingly against both aggro and midrange with varied tooling. Especially the Aggro matchup is a lot better than other control decks between Torch, Defiance, Hailstorm and Stormhalt Knife

Card Choices - Other
Calderan Cradle provides a steady stream of decent creatures, which usually eat removal but sometimes help you win games. It also lures opponents to waste their early market draws on relic removal, which actually works to your advantage.
Jennev Merchant is hard to remove while also allowing you to keep additional copies of Cradle and Channel in the market.
Stormhalt Knife is probably the most amazing card in this deck, helping you to stabilize against aggro, as a great removal option for Aegis-threats and, more often than not, as your main win condition once your opponent's hand is exhausted
Garden of Omens generates a great string of spells and reduces cost, enabling you to draw more cards, remove more creatures and generate more dragons. Also, Channel the Tempest is a pretty good card when it costs 8 (or even 7). Who knew?

Garden also adds another synergy to the deck, as it enables single cards to shine. I tried a lot of different cards and ultimately settled on three:
Channel the Tempest is amazing as a wincon, as it refills your hand and enables you to grind further. Channel into Re-Read is probably my second most-common win condition, next to just beating somebody down with a Knife.
Obliterate provides additional burn damage, both against creatures as well as your opponent. It being cheaper than Channel (5 if your garden survived) helps as well.
End of the Story becomes a harsh rule with warp when grabbed with garden.

The market
Swift Refusal gives you a tiny chance against combo. However, most combo decks have tools to gain their pieces back (i.e. Excavate for the Diogo combo), or have redundant tools (i.e. hardcasting Vara for re-animator) so don't get your hopes up.
Ice Bolt is your emergency removal option
Jotun Feast-Caller is what I consider a flex spot. He did win me one or two games by simply being a card-drawing machine on an empty board, but there may be better options out there. I tried lots of cards in this spot and honestly none of them really convinced me.
Channel and Cradle are additional copies and are also the two cards I most often drew.

How to play
Always try to start with hands with anti-aggro tools in them. This deck has a good winrate against aggro, but it can be overrun when you don't get your tools early. Other than that, always prioritize card drawing and treat your life total as a resource. Be wary of charging creatures (holding a Defiance in hand can do wonders), and don't rush. There is almost no deck that I have encountered that can actually outgrind you (Jennev Peaks is the one deck that seems to have the tools). Losses often come from games where I rushed into the offensive while my oppenent still had resources.
Matchup wise, the deck is really good against traditional Aggro and midrange, with decent matchups in the control mirror. The one archetype that it consistently loses to is combo, especially Reanimator and the Diogo combo. Fortunately I did not encounter either too often when I climbed.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 2 4

Power Sources
13 13 18 19

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Deck Rarities
14 22 35 4 2

Card Types
5 8 38 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]


August 29, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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In_disguise Edited Eternal Version: 1.51.6
Yeah, welcome back, Defiance. Brought this back for some gauntlet grinding, changed a couple things to reflect new cards... Is doing quite well.

Pretty sure we played in Expedition last week.
sayn0thing Eternal Version: 1.47
This is my fav deck at the moment. Thank you for making Garden playable! LOVE IT!
In_disguise Eternal Version: 1.46.9
As an old M:TG player coming to Eternal, I'd just finished learning the basics and really wanted an affordable, solid deck to learn deeper play/control with. I'm glad I found this site and deck, it has been quite a bit of fun so far. Big thanks for posting, and for the clear, detailed explanation and guidance.
scavenger Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Hi, thanks a lot for your kind words, and I am very happy that you are having fun with the deck and with Eternal! Hope to see you out there :-)
Arianrhod Eternal Version: 1.46.9
It is a great deck! One question that I met now is when I face the control deck, removal is still not enough, or I can say, drawing is not enough. I always has a lot of power in my hand and can do nothing. Do you have any ideas for that?
scavenger Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
The control matchup can be tricky, but the key card is channel the tempest, both from main and the market. It doubles as damage dealer and draw engine in this scenario. In such matchups you can aggressively get rid of most of your removal (via the market, honor or strategize) to dig through your deck for the right cards. The other tip is be patient. It is true that you can often not do a lot for some turns, but most of the time your opponent is in the same situation.
However, of course you will sometimes be flooded and have only power on your hand. That happens with any deck
Arianrhod Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Thanks! And one another question: how to choose the right time to use removals? Sometimes I have to use the harsh rule to kill only one unit, but if I don't use, I will be attacked continuously. I don't know if my opponent held other units after my removals. That is really annoying.
scavenger Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Yeah, that is generally the biggest thing to learn when you start playing control. The best tip for me is to use your life total as a resource. You generally want to stay out of "burn range", where a single spell (like a torch) can kill you and you also want to be wary of other forms of damage your opponent might have (nightfall, charge units, ambush units, specific stuff like manacles). But as long as you stay away from really low life totals, you should usually not care about a swing or two of an average midrange unit. I don't think there is a hard and fast rule, but in general I am fine with anything that brings me to between 5 and 10 life, but not below. This then enables you to hold your sweeper for a turn or two to see if your opponent plays another unit (often thinking that you don't have that sweeper in your hand!).
The other variable is the rest of your hand and your opponent's hand. I generally keep my fast removal (especially defiance and ice bolt) for emergencies, but if I have say a garden and a sweeper I will use the garden first (if possible). The exception is if my opponent has very few (less than 2 or 3) cards left in their hand. In that case, they often have their removal sitting around uselessly, which makes it safe-ish to use my removal.

I know this is not a clear answer, but you will get better at these kind of decisions as you gain experience and as you learn to read what kind of deck your opponent is playing (and hence what kind of cards might be in his hands). And there is also a little bit of reverse psychology involved, because a skilled opponent will often try to lure you into using that sweeper he suspects you have (at least that is what I do when I sit on the other side!)
Arianrhod Eternal Version: 1.46.9
That helps a lot! Thank you so much!
BHV Eternal Version: 1.46.9
If you don’t need the negate from the market why not Decree? At 3 power already when going to the market and Jennev Merchant aegis almost guarantees an onslaught trigger.
scavenger Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Good point! I think Decree might actually be the better option than swift refusal in this deck. Good idea, thanks for the input!
abby315 Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Can confirm, I put Decree in the sideboard and it's almost always the first thing I grab when facing almost anything besides aggro. It's also very good with Re-Read on turn 6-7 to nab the big fatty they're about to play. Got Sediti on turn 4 and then Icaria turn 7 against Rakano ramp -> auto-concede :)
scavenger Eternal Version: 1.46.9
thanks for posting your update, will definitely try it :-)
RandoMattz Eternal Version: 1.46.9
thaks a lot this is the deck that i was trying to brew to upgrade my Scrykrag version (4x Cradle for all in dragon-storm) to a 3 color one.
With Jennev is more rampy but you had me at the End of the story trick.
scavenger Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it, I had a blast playing it myself!
PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Looks really fun! I am still hoping to do ixtun with garden using waystone titan, garden, and aspect of destruction to chain attacks after using sweepers (onslaught triggers when you play copies).

List looks great, just want to spread some FJP love
scavenger Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Thank you! And your combo idea sounds really spicy, I like it! :)