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Skycrag Midrange (Top 20)

Expedition Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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I played this deck from diamond 3 to master this month, entering at rank 14 (overall score 25:6). It shares a lot of cards with Krull Elysian, but its missing a lot of the explosive potential by replacing Wump & Mizo and Master Conjurer with Kenna and Pyrotech (and I also had to cut Whispering Wind, because you dont always get Krull if you discard a 3 drop on 3 because of Kenna, which reduces the power of Wind by a lot). Because of that the deck is worse than Ely at being proactive, but it has better reactive tools (Kenna and Pyrotech), while being proactive enough to be the beatdown against decks like Combrei Ramp. The deck also has the advantage of being the Circle deck that can out the opponents Circles in multiple ways (either just by having enough pressure on the board (2 Jennev Merchants on an empty board make playing Circle really risky) or by using burn spells (Pyrotech, Unit+Overgrowth, market Burn them All)).
The early game is pretty light and mostly consists of power/influence fixing, some interaction and card draw. Maveloft and Jarral are usually not played on 2, but in some cases it is correct (Maveloft to kill something dangerous against more aggressive decks, to pressure against decks with sites or relic wespons (mostly Valks) or to Plunder because you really need power/influence; Jarral to combat an aggressive start, to play on curve (if you have Widom and Kenna in hand you can play Jarral on 2 because youre turn 3 and 4 are already occupied) or because you have 4P on turn 3 to get a good chance to get value out of your attacks (28 spells+Krull, whos Fate still triggers if discarded and if you discard a unit you can get it back with Krull later)). Other than that your first unit is oftern Jennev Merchant or Kenna. The deck has a lot of efficient removal spells, but you should still think about when to use which and not just throw them out on the first possible target. Your win-conditions are usually Speaking Circle, Jarral (+Krull) or just the small pluses you gain through playing 2 for 1s like Kenna, Wisdom and sometimes Maveloft (+the high value cards in the market and Circle and the option to keep up Dazzle when you are ahead).
The market worked really well, you basically have a card for almost every situation (sometimes 2 or more cards work well in the same situation, so you have to decide which one is best in that situation while taking into account which ones could be good later). Permafrost is the best counter for pure stat units (without Endurance of course), because the downside of it is that the effects of the unit are still there. So its not great at countering Lynax, Moltenwing, Wump & Mizo or most of the Mandrakes. But it can take out a lot of Sentinels (Builder's Decree, Reality Warden) and is reasonable against some other cards like Jarral or Touvon, Skybreak Giant (They still have parts of their effect, but taking out there ability to attack for 1 mana is a necessary play sometimes). Permafrost can also be great if you want to apply pressure becasue you immediately take out a blocker for only 1 mana. Fluctuate Reality doubles up as a removal spell that can also buff your own units. Its really flexible through to its Amplify, because you can play it for 3 mana if necessary or you can wait until you have more mana to get a bigger impact out of it. Its especially good against decks that want to revive units from their void (basically anything with Krull and Mandrakes), against units that are far stronger than they cost (Wump, Jarral, most Mandrakes) and its useful against units that Permfrost isnt good against (units with good permanent effects and units with Endurance like Rolant, Iron Tyrant). It can also buff your units, especially Helio. Burn them All is another removal option that can kill units Permafrost isnt good against, but its inclusion mostly stems from the fact that it can kill all sites (while also being able to kill additional stuff if the game goes long enough). It can also be a finisher, especially combined with Jarral (if you have 8P). Vengeful Flight has a lot of good copy targets to apply pressure and/or gain additional value. The best target is usually Jarral, but Maveloft and Jennev Merchant are solid too. Helio is a big refill option that also affects the board and can theoretically be revived later with Know when to hold em+Krull if you have enough life.
Good luck and have fun!

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2 4 3

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13 20 8

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14 21 19 3 14

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19 1 31 4 25

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Awakening [Set1095]


January 11, 2021


Eternal Version
Empire of Glass

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leejtr Edited Eternal Version: 21.01.13
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I gave up on krulleysian and have been playing this list you made instead. I've won every match against krulleysian decks. I think the reactive play just destroys their game. Very cool. Oh yeah and I wanted to tell you that dragons took me into diamond in throne and I went 15-5 with it.
JayHova_ Eternal Version: 21.01.13
I'm slow, but looking at this how do you even play Krull?
LordPerth Edited Eternal Version: 21.01.13
You never plan to play Krull in basically any deck you play her in. Instead you just use her for her broken fate ability, which deals damage to you equal to your open power when you draw her, which then lets you summon a unit from your void with cost equal or less than the damage you took through the fate. Know when to Hold Em is only in this deck to search Krull when you want to get that effect, so it basically lets you resummon any unit from your void for 1 power as long as you have enough maximum power. After you used her fate you can market her away with one of the 8 market cards in the deck, so the void recursion didnt even cost you a card in that case.