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Combrei Smugglers (7-1 Draft, Masters)

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A fairly straightforward Combrei deck that I happened to get into Masters with this month. Huzzah!

P1P1 was Valkyrie Accuser - several other similar power level cards, so being shiny was the tiebreaker. P1P2 was Blurred Stygimoloch over Keen Saddleback Saw some other good late Primal (including the Frost Elemental around P1P8) that made me slightly regret my choice, but Combrei was sufficiently deep that I didn't really see a need to switch. A late Corrupted Behemoth sealed the deal.

P2P1 was Great Valley Smuggler - probably not the correct pick, but I was missing a copy. Likely wouldn't have run it if not for the Pearl Abbey Smuggler in pack 4, which meant my tentative black market picks because significantly more consistent. Other than that, nothing particularly notable about the remaining picks - grabbed a speculative Wurmstone in pack 2 that ended up working more consistently than I would have expected it to. Also got a Golem Press, which did some work, but also got killed by attachment removal more frequently than I would have liked.

Gameplay wasn't anything particularly complicated - deck had a solid curve with some early ramp into a couple of big beaters, with fliers serving as a decent plan B.

MVP: Probably Blurred Stygimoloch, by virtue of it coming down for cheap pretty consistently and providing a giant body. I don't feel like any card shined more than any other though - a lot of the deck's strength was just having a good, consistent curve.


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2 2 2

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8 6 4

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25 6 3

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20 5 7 0 18


July 1, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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