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Grasping at Svetya

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Something is threw together to experiment with getting Svetya out early. Playing Crownwatch Press-Gang as a 9/9 with Aegis that grabs another 7/7 Flying Aegis unit sounded pretty good. Still experimenting.

Tweaked some things. I think Stray in market is the only reliable way of dealing with Vargo.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert deck-builder. There's probably a better version of this that someone else will build.


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3 2

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18 19 12

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10 28 21 8

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31 3 20 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Homecoming [Set1005]


March 30, 2019

March 29, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.45 - Homecoming

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 30, 2019


VaeVictis Eternal Version: 1.45
I took your idea of Grasping Svetya into play and did my best to maximize it: Svetya Reanimator. The major problem I see with your list is the lack of draw power (4-8 card draw effects; e.g. Crownwatch w/ Revenge) and discard outlets (6 outlets) so when I built my version I included 24 card draw effects (Herald's Song's Echo counts as 8 cards) and 16 discard outlets (potentially endless if Whispering Wind survives). Also with all the Vargos going around at the moment I don't think that Avigraft is very strong. And the best way I've found to beat those decks is to Grasp a Scourge into play, which is very easy to do when Whispering Wind can tutor it out of your deck by discarding a Svetya, duplicate Grasp or a Makto.
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.45
Awesome. I was thinking of adding Primal for exactly the reasons you listed, but it was a busy weekend, so I didn't really have much time to play around. Thanks for sharing, I'll check yours out.
VaeVictis Eternal Version: 1.45
I would tinker with the power base if you feel it's not consistent enough. I'm not very good at balancing 3 faction decks, especially when you need double Shadow for Desecrate and double Primal early on for Hailstorm so that you don't automatically lose against aggro decks. I charted the deck on Shifstoned, but with all of my extra draw power I'm still not sure how to calculate the real odds of me having PP (Hailstorm), SS (Desecrate and Grasp) or JJJ (manually casting Svetya) early enough to cast the most important cards in the deck for each matchup.
Rainhall Eternal Version: 1.45
Do you feel like you have enough discard generators to throw Svetya in the void?
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.45
Mostly. I didn't want to put in too much discard, at the risk of dumping merchants and Grasping, but my bigger concern is card draw itself. I might need to stuff some Devours in or something.
NoMaD24 Eternal Version: 1.45
Small note: A deck that has 7 2-of's and 4 3-of's is not called a deck its a pile and it usually will strugle with a few exceptions once in a blue moon. Analyze the meta pick the best options from the cards you running and use the best of them as 3 or 4-of's. I get the urge to be prepared for everything but in the end you will end up with an inconsistant pile that cant advance its game plan cause you keep drawing those random answer cards, often in the wrong moment as well.
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.45
Hey, I gave my disclaimer and it says Work In Progress.
Some of my 3-ofs are split with market (Makto and Grasping). Some of my 2-ofs are split with each other (Annihilate and Desecrate, Delinquent and Tinker) for a couple of reasons, they have different targets, factions, but similar roles.
Thanks for your feedback, but it's not very constructive.
Rainhall Eternal Version: 1.45
I think people are misguided on the importance of 4-ofs. Sometimes Defiance is better, sometimes Annihilate is better. With 2-of's, sometimes you draw each one instead of 2 of the same and you have more options. 3-ofs make perfect sense on cards where the second one is not as good as the first one. You have 4-ofs on cards that are always better, like Slay.