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Argenport Valkyries

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Team Not-Tavrod


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This is the deck I used to get to master this season. I started off playing something based on the popular Svetya Ramp archetype, but didn't like how it felt in this meta. I wanted something a little less sluggish early, so I went for a midrange approach which still incorporates some ramp and a top-end that gives the deck impressive sustain. It took a lot of iteration to find something that felt reliable and potent enough to hold its own in this meta. Like many Argenport decks, this one plays the good Valkyries in these colors. Unlike other current Argenport decks, however, this one is titled Argenport Valkyries. On to cards worth talking about, including most of the units:

Icaria, Valkyrie Captain is one of three Valkyries which comprise the heart of this deck; the Valkyries name isn't just for show, as the deck is essentially built to take advantage of these cards and how they play together. Icaria ramps effectively early or midgame and turns into a solid threat beyond that point. She, along with Hojan, is a good turn 2 play if your opponent isn't in Torch colors or you have another 2-drop you're happy to follow up with. Usually you want to try to ramp Icaria to get to your 5-cost units reliably, but sometimes it's best to save her for turn 5. Playing your Icarias right is a major key to winning with decks like this in my opinion and is something I am still working on. The Valkyrie buff is surprisingly relevant, especially in Rakano or other Argenport Matchups.

Hojan, Crownbreaker is another ramping 2-drop. If you have a Finest Hour, it's best to only play Hojan with a power open, as he can be an incredible lifestealing blocker or just ramp reliably before dying to removal. Hojan is one major change that makes this flavor of AP more midrange than Lost Scroll versions.

Valkyrie Enforcer doesn't need much explanation. It isn't one of the central cards to the deck I alluded to, but is just a great 3-drop which benefits from the Valkyrie text occasionally here. Also super good against other Valkyrie decks playing Icaria, Bulletshaper, Makto, and Icaria, the Liberator (for aegis).

Minotaur Platemaker is like a glue that holds the deck together. It fills the 4-drop spot with a threatening unit that dodges tons of popular removal, blocks extremely well, buffs your board full of small units that need it and flyers that become really dangerous, renowns's a workhorse and super good. I've considered Sheriff Marley for additional 4-drops, but I wouldn't trim these.

Inquisitor Makto is one of the core cards of the deck and a primary win condition. The deck really wants to get at least one down and get its revenge going, which is why there's a copy in the market for maximum access. Not much needs to be said but its importance can't be overstated. A 5/5 flyer for 5 isn't too bad (and, appropriately, trades with Icaria), and getting Makto down gives the deck a lot of sustain in a long game.

Sediti, the Killing Steel is completely overpowered, will probably be nerfed in a few days, and is easily the best card in the deck. Onslaughting Sediti is almost always the priority when it is a possibility and getting the first Sediti down against Justice decks is crucial. Not much needs to be said. Would not want one of these in the market because of Warp.

Dizo's Office is a wonderful top-end that closes games out or swings them back into your favor. Killing a unit, gaining a ton of life, and drawing your pick of four cards is just a ton of value. Gravy if it goes further. Scheme is great for fishing out a Makto with its revenge on, in particular. Threaten can also renown Hojan, though the ramp isn't too relevant by that point except maybe to get to Svetya. There are quite a few reasons I prefer this over Telut, Queen's Hand - harder to remove, generates value on an empty board, stabilizes life total (all the lifestealers I played in the last AP deck have been cut), removes threats instead of just trying to overpower them, etc.

Rolant's Intervention is mostly for giving a Valkyrie aegis at an important time. I generally prefer to use it on Makto because of the insurmountable long-term value that might provide, or to save an Icaria that *needs* to ramp for me to have a chance (to this end, it is often best to play Icaria on 3 power if you have Intervention and might need the aegis). The -3 attack is also useful on a rare occasion, and while I've never used the third effect, I could imagine hitting Makto with it when I am sure an Icaria is coming sometime, I guess.

Suffocate is actually better than Defiance right now, in my opinion, because it is so much more effective against little Icaria and Bulletshaper, as well as other stuff that can generate value before Defiance can get it. Champion of Chaos is a glaring miss, but Stonescar isn't as prevalent right now as before. Critically, Suffocate can also renown Hojan without killing him.

I actually ranked up with Harsh Rule in the market, but switched it for Svetya, Merciful Orene after hitting master. Harsh Rule is more important against more aggressive decks, but I was in a lot of grindy longer games against midrange and control. Svetya can be a suspect card because of her minimal impact when played, but with Sediti, Makto and Dizo's to push through the deck and maintain resources in a long game, this deck often aims to win by playing the sort of game where she shines. (Of note, she buffs every unit in the deck.)


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5 2

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25 16 16

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10 25 20 18

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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]


July 30, 2019

July 15, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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