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Valkyrie Weapons

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The deck is based on Valkyries with attachment-related effects and cards with Valkyrie-Warp. Valkyrie-Warp is an ability that allows you to play the card from the top of the deck if you control a Valkyrie.
The deck is relatively budget, must have rare cards are 4x Lynax, Moltenwing, 4x of the old Valkyrie Enforcer, and 1x Vanquisher's Blade. Legendary cards are optional, I'm playing Amilli, Cloudmarshal and Icaria, the Liberator because I found them but they are not needed in the deck.

Valkyries with a weapon related effect:
- Raildriver Valkyrie: deal 1 damage the first time you play an attachment
- Forensic Analyst: transform into a 4/4 Chief Investigator West when an attachment goes to our void, usually when we use a relic weapon as removal. Also Chief Investigator West as a good sinergy with Bear Arms
- Lynax, Moltenwing: our best attachment payout, she deals damage to anything each time we play a weapon
- Disgraced Cadet: a weaker version of Forensic Analyst, it becomes a 5/4 with Flying when a relic goes to our void

Relic weapons to use as removals (we need them to go immediately to the void to trigger Forensic Analyst or Disgraced Cadet):
- Stonebreaker Bow: currently the best low-cost relic weapon
- Silver Slicer: very good card with also Valkyrie-Warp
- Sword of Icaria: a relic weapon with Warcry

Our weapons:
- Peacekeeper's Helm: 1-cost weapon that can also be a removal with it's Amplify
- Trusty Revolver: 1-cost weapon that create another +1/+1 weapon with it's Entomb
- Bear Arms: has a good sinergy with Forensic Analyst/Chief Investigator West
- Vanquisher's Blade: must have against deck that uses the void and can also be a removal with it's Amplify

Cards with Valkyrie-Warp:
- Silver Slicer: relic weapon
- Deathwing: a Vakyrie with very good battle skills

Other cards:
- Rust Grafter: our Vakyrie with market access
- Rolant's Intervention to protect our Valkyries

Optional cards:
- Amilli, Cloudmarshal: a good legendary Valkyrie if you have it, you can also play more than 1, it's another card sinergic with Bear Arms

Market cards:
- Melt Down: 0-cost relic removal
- Dragon Forge: can search for any weapon, that's why we play some weapons in 1 copy (an alternative may be Bladecrafter)
- Display of Ambition and Smuggler's Stash to recover cards from the void
- Icaria, the Liberator

Cards i'm not currently playing but that can be an option:
- Inoa's Fury: good card to play a weapon at quick speed
- Brash Flamespewer: a good Valkyrie but for a list with more weapons and less relic weapons
- Jekk's Choice: good in the Market to trigger all weapon-related effects
- Deepforged Plate: a good weapon to play in the Market
- Voprex's Choice: a good cart for the Market that can be both a removal and a weapon recover
- Watchwing Support: a good card but it's too slow, also in this list we cannot use Justice cards in the market and its Valkyrie-Warp effect would be wasted
- Battlemaster Kitaxius: a Legendary unit that's a better version of Watchwing Support and also have Valkyrie-Warp (you may include it if you have the shiftstones)


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Influence Requirements
3 3 1

Power Sources
13 12 8 12 4

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11 49 9 2

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28 19 8 0 25


August 5, 2022

August 4, 2022


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