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[Ultra Budget] Mono Justice Gauntlet Grinder

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Farm Gauntlet with the speed of aggro and the consistency of mono-faction! No campaign cards, legendaries, or rares* required!

Play Tips

If you imbue Greenstone Officer with a unit that's been pumped by Finest Hour, Trickshot Ruffian, or Seasoned Drillmaster, you'll get a big Lifesteal unit that has those buffs — permanently!

Ghostblade Outcast and Crownwatch Paladin are the best units to equip with weapons, as they are strong against removal thanks to Exalted and Aegis.

The AI will never play around Finest Hour, so pick the best moment to use it. Sometimes you can bait the AI into double or triple blocking a large unit for a huge blowout!

Market Tips

If in doubt, go for Wind Conjuring. It's a great combat trick that might invoke a game-winning card! Vanquish is your answer to large threats. Divebomb is used to push lethal damage in a ground stall, but can also defend against fliers in a pinch. Heirloom Blade can pick off small enemies (such as those pesky Icebreakers in the stun deck). Rolant's Honor Guard is big flying beater for when you draw a lot of power and need something to close out the game.

I have also experimented with Storm of Feathers instead of Divebomb and Siphoner Paladin or Harsh Rule instead of Heirloom Blade.

Inspired in part by decks made by htraos, WolfsJourney, and WarmFerret.
Check out their decks if you're interested in a less budget version of mono Justice!

* Rolant's Honor Guard is a rare but comes free with the Justice starter deck.


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October 22, 2020


Eternal Version

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