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Expedition - The Auralian Throne Room

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After a lot of testing different builds around The Throne Room, TPS has given me the most consistency across match ups (previously tried Fire for Jekk, more control-heavy builds w Justice...etc). This has also just turned out to be one of the more fun builds. Please leave a comment and/or a like if you enjoy!


Blight Pass Smuggler - Opted for smuggler/broker over Transpose as it gave me more consistency with increased access and copies of market draws, as well as having bodies. Decent early game stats against aggro, and also berserk for activating throne.

Silverblade Menace - Maindecking this has been a blessing overall, despite sometimes lackluster when drawn super early prior to opponent playing any spells. Overall, great mid-late draw though, and great earlier if you have throne out and you can hit for even a point or two of damage. Flying and sustain with lifesteal make it a great player throughout, or a bomb late-game.

Wasteland Broker - As explained above

Feartracker - Similar to Silverblade above, Feartracker offers great stats for trading, immediate activation of throne, as well as corrupted for additional blockers or to sac for setting up throne. The trade in life is great for sustain as well.


The Throne Room - I've loved playing this card. Current meta doesn't have too much relic hate, and with self-generating aegis built in, this is a real problem once it gets going. I think the real strength of this build though is not relying on having The Throne Room in order to get a W


Calibrate - great for smoothing out your power base as well as finding throne. I've waffled between running 3 Calibrate and 4 Petition or the reverse, but ultimately settled on more Petition for the extra card advantage (at the cost of not hitting a Throne as often, but as I mentioned above, this deck doesn't NEED throne for a win either).

Annihilate - a must with the current meta; save for later drops.

Lightning Storm - great removal and synergism with Turn to Seed, as well as Touch of Battle.

Petition - originally was running Seek Power, but with 8 Cylixes (Cylixii? Cylixae?) and no cargo to use, Petition won this fixing slot.

Touch of Battle - a late addition, and I was really skeptical at first. With testing though, it's been pretty amazing working with Lightning Storm, and Black-Sky Harbinger for board wipes. Also great as an instant-speed play on any blockers.

Turn Back Time - another late addition, but has been excellent as well in this removal-heavy meta. Considered Ancient Serpent as well, but Turn Back Time allows grabbing spells or units (which is really nice if you've already played a Touch of Battle on any units you may be retrieving). Having two of these has smoothed out games with horrible draws by allowing me to double dip on power/influence-fixing, grabbing a throne that was removed, etc. Overall, another flex spot, but this has worked really well for me so far.

Turn to Seed - essential removal at this point. The card advantage and ability to remove threats immediately, including multiple copies, make this a brutal move. Poking the opponent with Silverblade/Feartracker's summon ability is a nice way to make sure an aegis doesn't block this effect as well (or vise-a-versa if needed).

Wisdom of the Elders - no need for explanation here.


From Below - so much fun to play. So frustrating to play against. Great option against many match ups, but especially control. If you're careful with your influence base, you can utilize for a relic-removal - usually I hold off on playing a third shadow influence to maintain this. More often though I'll Broker this into the deck post-transmutation, which is a great way to close out games.

Cirso's Choice - great for an immediate aegis/sustain if required, but I usually use it as a means to grab a board wipe against aggro/seedlings (or bigger threats if I have a Touch of Battle available to use on it).

Rain of Frogs - great card advantage again, similar to Turn to Seed. I'll grab this with the smuggler early if they've been slow to move

Black-Sky Harbinger - Amazing; so much so that I've wanted and tried to mainboard this card a few times now, but so far it's worked best for me in the Market due to it's higher cost. Excellent synergism with Touch of Battle, and also turns on Throne Room.

Channel the Tempest - great choice for late game draws as well as some removal. Considered Azindel's Gift here as well, but Azindel is poor choice with Broker, and was less versatile/didn't provide the additional draw with Channel.


Other notables:
Biting Winds - was originally considered as decent removal; removes many threats and without the drawback of ramping your opponent (a la Ice Bolt). Performed better in testing compared to Defile, Suffocate, due to versatility, but ultimately this was less favorable of a draw compared to Turn Back Time to grab a board wipe.

Helio, the Skywinder - admittedly, still a great card even post-nerf. I found it to be to slow for this build (not enough primal influence early enough) to warrant a spot. Later game card advantage is provided through Channel (I found the extra damage to be key), but you could swap these around.


That's all of it. It's a really fun build and I hope you all enjoy. Always open to other suggestions, comments, questions, etc. Let me know what your thoughts are or if you had fun playing it!

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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 4 2

Power Sources
13 15 13 16

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Deck Rarities
14 32 23 5

Card Types
17 4 34 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]

Control Midrange

August 25, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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Revisions (Since last major patch) August 25, 2020



herston Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Vsed this deck - using Silverblade Menace and Feartracker to trigger Throne Room is really smart. Also Touch of Battle and Black Sky Harbinger is nasty.
bonbrochill Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Thanks! Yes, the ToB on harbinger has been devastating...I've found it to be especially so if I also have a Turn Back Time available to do another wipe. I'm recently playing around with subbing Aurapiercer for Rain of Frogs in the market to get around protection-heavy decks...jury is still out, but has been fairly interesting so far (the late-game invoke has been all the difference in at least a few situations now!), but I expect it's probably unnecessary and that I'll likely end up leaving RoF in at the end of the day. Anyway, thanks for the comment!