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This is a fast and fragile aggro deck that looks to abuse the value of buff spells and units with double damage/berserk.
Card Choices-
Direwood Slasher A cheap berserk unit with empower to buff itself, also our only unit at one power.
Hotblood Barbarian Ar 2/1 Hotblood Barbarian is super vulnerable to even small poke damage like Snowball and Granite Coin but it does have the ability to trade an extra power card for a small buff and a poke to potentially ping off a blocker, i almost never discard a card unless im sitting on enough power cards to go over 4 Total Power.
Rilgon's Disciple Rilgon's Disciple is our beefiest unit at a whopping 2/3 leaving it vulnerable to torch and basically every other removal spell. It does however dodge Vanquish so that's something.
Territorial Elf The worst unit in the deck in my opinion, 3/1 for 2 is lackluster and the inability to block is something we mostly ignore, if you NEED to block you probably should have scooped already.
red canyon smuggler Whats not to love? Market access and double damage the only downsize is the lack of evasion you can't have everything.
Bottoms up 1 power for +2 power is lackluster but the ability to scale this spell up more then makes up for that fact great when your sitting on 5 or so power when your running low on pressure.
Dark Return Pseudo draw that buffs a unit.
Finest hour Its giant growth. 1 power for +3/+3 is the baseline by which all other buff spells are judged.
Rampage Rampage is a great spell for pushing damage in over blockers, try to hold rampage until you absolutely need too.
Rapid shot +4 power is the single largest buff the main deck can muster, the quickdraw is great with berserk units to clear a blocker and still land the second strike.
Ornate Katana permanent+2/+0 and a card draw is great, careful of playing carelessly against justice since it forces a lot of our units into vanquish territory(all of them but Direwood slasher)
Golem Press Grab when you are having a hard time sticking units against removal heavy decks.
Display of Ambition Extremely versatile, emergency removal, overwhelm for pushing lethal through and drawing two creatures from your void are all amazing choices grab as appropriate.
Inner might The Ace up our sleeve, nothing quite says surprise like +6/+6 on a Rilgon's disciple
Aika, whirling death the late game beat stick you only grab if your in top deck mode and need a finisher that can win by itself with one buff spell, the eight cost ability is unrealistic to land but is usually GG if you do.
Token of Ambition the low amount of power in this deck and the varied influence costs can cause early stumbles this being in your market helps smooth that out.

Mulligan advice- Always mulligan for all three influences and at least three power if you can, its very risky too keep and two power hand since we only run twenty-seven in deck. Going down to six cards is almost never worth it though.
The deck pretty much pilots itself, swing in with a unit, buff it if will connect, repeat as needed.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 2 1

Power Sources
14 14 14 13

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Deck Rarities
41 14 9 1

Card Types
21 5 26 0 28

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


September 4, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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