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isomorphic's Deck (ECQ Top 8)

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For more information about how to pilot this deck: Rank Reanimator

Tournament Information

ECQ: Price of Freedom - Top 8
February 10, 2019


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 1 1 3

Power Sources
5 12 14 12 8

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Deck Rarities
16 26 19 12

Card Types
30 0 23 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 12, 2019

February 10, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.42.3 - Balance Changes

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Scaldan Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
Great Deck. I just switch Sporefolk with vara veangence-seeker, cause sporefolk is too rng for me, and i need more solutions against aggro decks. And vara give you lifesteal and destroy Aegis.
mauric Eternal Version: 1.43
yeah but it's a combo deck and sporefolk is SUPER important to the combo. Sporefolk gives you options to grasp back. You're not trying to win with face damage in this deck. You're trying to win by assemblying your combo pieces and then face damaging.
RangerBob Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
Well I did not have any BSH and 3 additional "Big Sister Vara" to run your deck as is. So I am improvising. In place of BSH I have 2 Rindra, the Duskblade and 2 Champion of Cunning to keep the PS and 5 power of BSH. Substituting for the 3 "Big Sister Vara" are 3 "Little Sister Vara." Tried this out already and lost the first game - but the day is still young. Thanks for posting the deck! Also any suggestions for other substitutions would be welcome...
MaBwaB Eternal Version: 1.43
there are pretty much no substitutions for the cards that u are missing. the idea is that the creatures u reanimate, do something when they come into play. none of your substitutions do (apart from the nightfall trigger, which isnt all that good). the idea is to cheat a highcost unit into play, with grasping at shadows, Idealy a Vara The Fate touched, so you can immediately get another unit, which, if that is Azindel, Revealed, triggers 2 more of the 1/1 it spawns. If you than get a BSH from the 1/1 u even get to draw a card from the damage it does to the opponent.
WIth your substitutions you are basicaly playing a Feln Midrange deck, hampered by Azindels you have less chance of getting into play because of the missing Big Varas.
mauric Eternal Version: 1.43
RangerBob - try something like this -
mgallop Eternal Version: 1.43
Note that iso has a writeup of this deck here: with a significant discussion about lines/redraw choices. Anyway, deck is great and this exact list qualified 3/5 people for the top 64 (top 8, top 16 and top 64), and is also the deck I played to rank 2.
extesy Eternal Version: 1.43
Can somebody please explain what Privilege of Rank is doing in this deck?
Almost Eternal Version: 1.43
It draws 2 cards for free.
extesy Eternal Version: 1.43
But only justice sigils, not any cards. And the only card that needs these sigils is Privilege of Rank itself. So what's the point? Is green power used anywhere else?
edpham Eternal Version: 1.43
Exactly what @smilefires said. You really need to hit your power drops. It has a lot of synergy with all the discard outlets and your Sporefolk. All you need in terms of influence is 1P, 3S, so whatever else is just extra.
extesy Eternal Version: 1.43
Ok, I think I got it, thanks everyone! The color in this case doesn't really matter, it's just for the extra total influence to be able to play Vara.
smilefires Eternal Version: 1.43
If you need power to play your other cards, it's power. Sure, it doesn't hit the influence requirements for your cards, but those are already small (PSS) for things you actually want to hard cast. If your hand's reasonable and you can spare the justice sigils, you can pitch or market those. It's a play that gives you flexibility to execute on the pitch/Grasp plan.
edpham Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
Just vouching for how fun this deck can be. It's just so insane to be able to chain unit after unit after unit Vara and all the shadow units. Also, keep in mind that you can steal cards by going Vara into Azindel into Harbinger.
edpham Eternal Version: 1.43
Also might have went 9-1 to get into Masters with this list (from D2).