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An old 'classic' Deck I built back in the day before there was Expedition. Nowadays there's plenty of options in the cardpool to change it around with potentially better combos. Still does well in Master Gauntlet, so maybe someone'd like to give it a try.

The HotP, Ghostblade and Crownwatch Pressgang are essentially the keycards, other cards could be replaced with similar-cost equivalents without loss of consistency, and even potential increase in Winrate. Still would strongly advice to keep Immortalize and either Grief or Alchemist in.

Specifically the Aegis Support, which back then was monumental, since alot of removal focus, especially in Red, would otherwise stomp this deck. It is safer, but slower, to play the HotP only if you have the mana to at least play Ghostblade with it, however, interactions where you play the HotP explicitly to soak up a removal are often viable, especially if you have the mana to use a revival.

This deck is build to function continuously with only 3 mana, hence the low mana support, even a prolonged period of only 2 Mana can work out. Of course the mid term required ceiling is 4, while the desired long term ceiling is 5, at which point one should liberally decimate. 5 is desired for utilization of Cabal and Crownwatch Tactics. In a last ditch effort, do not neglect the Nihil Draconus added to your void by fell ritual. Specifically when ending the turn with 2/5 Mana and Immortalize in hand, it is worth to consideration, also with decimate, as the draconus is a 4-cost 5-5.


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March 14, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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Krolan Edited Eternal Version: 23.03.08
Small Addendum:
- What I meant to say in the third Paragraph was, that it may be viable to replace the Aegis Support with similar cost 2-BattleSkill Units, for Gauntlet I would keep it in though.

- The core interaction being utilized here which enables alot of continuous interaction is, that a Destiny card drawn from the void a) plays onto the field and b) makes you draw a card. If exalted is somehow on the unit in question, that in itself can curve the duel back in your favor. It is in fact expected to pendel back and forth turn by turn from eating removals to coming out back on top.

- a defense tech that may be not that obvious is, that a unit with Destiny, Grief included, can be drawn from the void on the opponents turn (Immortalize here) to provide some surprise Block. Grief dies at the end of your, not the end of the opponents turn, so you could also 'draw' it from the void on the opponents turn to Devour it on yours.

- In this deck, specifically when exalted is a on a bunch of units on the field, Devour itself becomes a multi-purpose card. When attacking with 2 or more units, waiting for the blocks to happen, after they have been confirmed, devouring an Exalted unit allows the shifting of stats (and skills) to another. Similar interactions are possible in reacting to a removal (exalted, Aegis) and being attacked. Of course Devour retains its utility in simply eating away a unit that's about to be removed or silenced. Lastly, don't be shy devouring an exalted HotP, especially if she has Aegis, popped or not, and you have a Ghostblade on the field.

- This deck, or a deck very close to it, made it to master back when there was (i think) only 5 or 7 packs.