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4-faction Reanimator

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This is a deck I've been working on and playing in masters. The current form of the deck consistently cheats one of its large threats into play on turn 4-5 while having access to the necessary resources to win slower, grindier games. It struggles against decks with efficient threats and copious removal, though occasionally you will just steal games because an early great-kiln titan hits another 8+ power drop.


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Influence Requirements
3 3 3 2

Power Sources
9 13 7 11 15

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Deck Rarities
15 23 12 15

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23 4 23 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


March 27, 2018


Eternal Version
Dead Reckoning

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dorwinrin Edited Eternal Version: 1.31
Thanks for this deck! I've found it is heavier on the discard side, maybe lacking on the reanimate. I've changed the 4 Feln Cauldron for Mirror Image. Reanimating a Great-Kiln Titan and insta-mirroring it is great!
What do you think?
chaostehjace Edited Eternal Version: 1.31
Having a hard time with this one, I have won 1 out of 25 games so far, even losing many games after getting great kiln and emerging colossus. The mana is very inconsistent, trail maker doesn't feel right, eats removal and ramps awkwardly, I have personally never liked the card anyway, give me Power Stone any day. Not playing scout lands with great kiln titan feels wrong also, I made my own version and reanimated Great Kiln, scout land, had recurring sand on top, got emerging colossus in one turn. I play Reanimator in MTG and I want a working version of this, but there isn't enough disruption and attempting to play as fast as you can is just so unstable. I have never had any success with Sporefolk in my time on eternal, for me he ALWAYS hits grasping at shadows, I know that's a risk you take, but damn if it isn't literally every time I cast him. I made 4 Feln Cauldron just so I could try this out, and it FEELS like a really good card, it really needs to be a Herald Song effect though, gaining one life does nothing, and just pitching a card sucks, I don't think the deck can survive long enough to attempt to Reanimate something AND get 5 stacks on it.
EDIT: I forgot to mention how much I love Quarry and how much I want it in my reanimator. It does everything we want for this archetype, and I think it plays very well with strategize, I may attempt to switch some things around and I have not given up on this yet.

TLDR; this list looks great but crumples to everything I came across, we are still missing the tools we need to play a 4 color reanimate deck.
flippyflop Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
so, when compared with the famous list, you use some interesting choices.

instead of 1x Herald's Song and 3x Blind Storyteller, you go with 4 Herald's Song
4x Feln Cauldron instead of 4x Nocturnal Observer
8 additional discard outlets in the form of Whispering Wind and Sporefolk
4 additional reanimation spells through 4x Grasping at Shadows (although it's more like 2 additional since skee's list runs 2x Excavate)

4x Seek Power and 3x Sabotage instead of 3x Seek Power and 4x Torch
4x Quarry instead of 3x Strategize

have you played his list before and could you comment on how it feels in comparison to your current brew?

i'm definitely a fan of Feln Cauldron over Nocturnal Observer as a primary discard outlet because nightfall always feels wrong, but i imagine overall this current list lacks the sort of like interactivity that skee's list has through things like Torch, Talir's Intervention, and defense against aggro with bodies like Lunar Magus and Nocturnal Observer

anyway, just spitballing
Comment Deleted
Vilsare Eternal Version: 1.29
I have not played the list you mentioned, but I am familiar with its strategy and can comment on the unique choices I made relative to that list.

Without question this list is extremely light on interaction. Unlike the more traditional sentinel reanimator builds, I eschew a normal gameplan that would allow you to play as a control deck until you are able to hardcast Heart of the Vault and Great-Kiln Titan (frankly, the influence in this deck is strained enough that trying to hardcast Heart of the Vault is frequently a lost cause). Instead, I added more discard outlets and reanimation spells in order to increase the consistency of the primary reanimation plan-when you only have 4 reanimation spells you are not particularly likely to draw one by turn 4/5. With 8, on the other hand, I see an early reanimation spell in most games. As I alluded to earlier, adding the fourth faction made the influence necessary to play this deck fairly virtually untenable, and for a deck that is so reliant on an unfair gameplan, getting caught with interaction in hand instead of combo pieces is very much a way to lose games. My original list played In Cold Blood, but I ultimately cut those because they were so likely to sit in my hand.

TL;DR, this list is different than the traditional sentinel reanimator deck because it is 100% a combo deck. I would like to add some amount of interaction, as losing to aggro is a problem, but it would need to also help me resolve my core gameplan. I have considered devastating setback and will likely try it, but I have concerns about the SS cost.
flippyflop Eternal Version: 1.29
thanks for the detailed response, it definitely makes sense as a 100% combo deck

when you mentioned the struggle of hard-casting Heart of the Vault, it made me think of Stonescar Leviathan which has seen some success recently with Dizo, Cabal Chairman and made me wonder if there's a possibility of some kind of possibility for a goofy FTS reanimator (but i'd almost certainly be awful)