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Rank 3 5-Faction Amphitheatre Double OTK ft. FJS Dichro, Alessi

Throne Deck By
Tell Drifter Crosscode


Cost Curve




The two combos in the deck are:

- Belligerent Yeti + Indifference or Repel Darkness + Málaga Amphitheatre, and
- Autotread + Reconnaissance or Sodi's Spellshaper + Málaga Amphitheatre.

Both combos are capable of doing infinite damage for definitions of infinity below 50.

Additionally, this is the first time the "Aggro-Combo" deck archetype on EternalWarcry has been used appropriately.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
1 1 1 1 1

Power Sources
7 9 7 7 7 16 4

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Deck Rarities
20 29 21 5

Card Types
26 1 27 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Buried Memories [Set1105]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]

Aggro Combo

January 1, 2022


Eternal Version
Cold Hunt

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FenixDX7 Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Extremely slow deck, doesn't work.
15 matches, 15 losses
Try to make something that works!
johanngrunt Eternal Version: 21.12.16
What is the use of going 5 factions, just for Dichro and Alessi?

Is it possible to cut out the entire faction and go 4F instead? Do you typically lose to influence screw?

Thanks for sharing the deck.
f300xen Edited Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Dichro and Alessi are very powerful cards, but the third reason to add Justice is for Fearless Crescendo. Without Crescendo, getting more effective copies of Málaga Amphitheatre is more difficult; either you have to put it in your main deck and use Whispering Wind to tutor it, which increases your vulnerability to slow removal, or play more Merchants, which are clunky, inefficient, and leave you vulnerable to hand disruption cards like Exploit. Crescendo also makes activating Amphitheater's passive much easier, allowing you to combo kill significantly faster than getting Amphitheater from a Merchant would.

Influence is not usually an issue.
TinDaddy091 Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Doing something wrong. Can't seem to pull off a win. Timer running out also kills a lot of chances
Shenaniganry Edited Eternal Version: 21.12.16
The original crossbows FTP deck used the Aggro Combo tag appropriately as well.

EDIT: Also, this deck is a masterpiece.
EnvoyArcher Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Seems really interesting! Could you give a more detailed breakdown about the different combo interactions? Specifically around how they allow for unlimited damage? Thanks!
f300xen Edited Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Belligerent Yeti: Play Belligerent Yeti, Indifference or Repel Darkness on the Yeti, and Málaga Amphitheatre.
You can now pay 1 and twist the Yeti to deal 1 damage to the enemy player. Amphitheater refunds the power you spend on activating the Yeti. The Yeti cannot die from being twisted because of the spell you played on it, so you can repeat this process any amount of times.

Autotread: Play Autotread, Reconnaissance or Sodi's Spellshaper on the Autotread, and Málaga Amphitheatre.
You can now pay 1 and discard a card to deal 1 damage to the enemy player. Amphitheater refunds the power you spend on activating the Autotread. Each time the Autotread deals damage to the enemy player, it will draw you a card, which you can then discard to activate its ability again.
EnvoyArcher Eternal Version: 21.12.16
I figured this out through playing a few games, but this is really nice to have spelled out infront of me. Thanks again for the lengthy explanation :)