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Brewer's Ball - (Day 2) Grivna's One Turn Kill (update)

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Do you enjoy doing 50+ damage to your opponent in one turn? Have you ever dreamed of storing your entire win condition in the market? Do you like spicy jank? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then boy do I have the pile for you!

Here we have a slightly more budget-conscious version of genericaviary's Grinva's Final Judgement (OTK). Some goals I had for this build are to reduce the total number of moving parts and make the early game a little bit more consistent. Of course, this means loading the front end with more smugglers and throwing in some chants to do some power fetching.

The end-game for this deck is convoluted, but glorious to behold: Get three cards from the market and put them to work. Ordnance Scavenger will dump your entire deck into the void. Shiftstone Processor will grant you power for each unit that you dump into your void this way, and Dumping Ground will bring back two essential combo pieces from your void: Gravewatch Guardian and Grinva, Judge of Battles. Then simply end the turn, and Grinva and the Guardian will go back to the void, dealing 50 damage or more on the way out. For this all to work, you'll need at least 6 power, and at least FJSS in influence.

One notable change from genericaviary's build is a playset of Disjunction in the main deck. This is to ensure that Shifstone Processor can come back if it's destroyed before we can combo off. Another swap is Gravewatch Guardian over Stonescar Leviathan. For our purposes, the combo in this deck is functionally identical in that when it works it destroys the opponent. I opted for the Guardian because its Tribute ability will pump it to an insane degree as it comes into play (think 60s to 70s). Call me old-fashioned but I enjoy seeing large double-digit negative numbers instead of a flat 0. And you should, too. I mean, you worked hard to get this combo working!

For a brief step-by-step tutorial on this deck, check out genericaviary's Grinva's Final Judgement (OTK). They did a fantastic job of plotting out the gameplan's every detail. And remember, this deck is in no way competitive, but it is fun and that's what counts.

Second draft
Removed all chants except Destruction Chant, replaced with Seek Power. Also added Unfamiliar Interloper in an effort to help with early defense and ensure that enough units are dumped with Ordnance Scavenger to give us enough power to combo off. Having enough influence should no longer be a problem.

Third draft
Replaced Seek Power and one Destruction Chant with Beseech the Throne. The Plunder ability should help us even out our power base and (hopefully) gain a little more consistency.


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Influence Requirements
1 2 3 3

Power Sources
5 5 9 9 1

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Deck Rarities
12 36 19 7

Card Types
28 4 21 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


October 23, 2020


Eternal Version

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