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Grinva's Final Judgement (OTK)

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Disclaimer: This is a casual brew - at least by Throne standards. I'd love to see a decent combo deck in Eternal, so if you feel inclined to improve upon it I wish you the best of luck!


With the release of Shadow of the Spire, DWD has given us plenty of new toys to play with... some more obviously exciting than others. While Evenhanded Golem decks are off experimenting with Spire Shadows, the humble Ordnance Scavenger has gotten hardly a mention for its reasonable card selection utility. But this card can do a lot more than draw you a weapon! With the right shell, Ordnance Scavenger can give you what Demand Death so dearly wishes it could: The ultimate win-or-lose, do or die finale.


First, the power base. Maximizing the use of transmuting power such as Standards and Monuments ensures that we will have less than 5 power cards in the deck by the time we play Ordnance Scavenger. Priority should be given to playing transmuting power over the few sigils you pick up as you work your way towards the combo. You will ultimately need 6 power, and those transmuted monuments won't be of much help to you sitting in your hand when you get stuck at 5.

The heart of this combo lies in the market with Shiftstone Processor & Dumping Ground. Here's everything you need to bake one perfect OTK:

1x Shiftstone Processor (in play)
6x power (5 of which is maximum)
1x Ordnance Scavenger
1x additional card in hand (any will do)
1x deck with ~45 cards remaining

Note: At least one Cen Wastes Smuggler needs to be either in your deck, hand, or void. Basically anywhere other than in play works.

1. Play Ordnance Scavenger, discarding your deck. With Shiftstone Processor in play this will net you between 22 and 26 power - more than enough. For your choice of weapon, pick up a Surgeon's Saw.

2. Spellcraft the Surgeon's Saw onto one of your units - you're certain to still have at least Ordnance Scavenger. Use the Dark Return to grab a Cen Wastes Smuggler from your now full void.

3. Play Cen Wastes Smuggler and trade out the other card in your hand for Dumping Ground. Play Dumping Ground - decline the sacrifice, as doing so will deny your opponent a reaction window.

4. Ultimate Dumping Ground for 10 power and select Grinva, Judge of Battles and Stonescar Leviathan. The order does not matter. Unless your opponent is out of power, do not enter combat: simply end your turn. Again, doing so denies your opponent a reaction window.

5. During your end-of-turn phase, both Grinva and the Leviathan will be sacrificed to Dumping Ground's effect. The Leviathan's entomb ability will trigger before Grinva's state-based trigger: setting the opponent's life to 7 before dealing 7 damage to them for a true OTK. Enjoy the thrill of victory from the very brink of defeat!

Optional: There's a variation of this Processor/Scavenger engine for those looking for something spicier that runs Lastlight Judgement and Reap. Lose in style with zero power and zero cards in hand, in play, and in deck!

The main power of this combo is the lack of reaction windows: there are only two points at which one is offered to your opponent. Once is the cast of Dark Return, and the other is at the very end of the combo with the simultaneous triggers. Note that since the triggers are simultaneous, fast speed life gain will not save your opponent. The only way to fizzle the combo at that point is fast speed armor or aegis. Good thing you played Sabotage the turn before, right?

Play Tips:

Back-Alley Delinquent is in the deck to get pesky Grinvas and Leviathans out of your hand and into your void. Plus, enjoy a partial refund if you have a Processor out! The Sabotage is useful as fodder for Bulletshaper, to protect your main combo, or to remove the dreaded face aegis.

Spare power can come from surprising places - the whole combo can take place post-combat, so don't be afraid to use Syl, Hand of the Cabal to get you the extra power you need. Kindling Carver can also turn any other unit into a power when you have a Processor out.

Leviathan's effect only deals with life, not armor. If your opponent has aegis or even one point of armor when you press end turn, you will lose.

Lastly, have a sense of humor! With this combo you either win in style, or lose with grace.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 3 3

Power Sources
7 9 12 1

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Deck Rarities
5 38 16 15

Card Types
35 6 12 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


May 6, 2020

May 5, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 6, 2020


abby315 Edited Eternal Version: 20.05.08
Just reporting back - I've been running games and tweaking, and I think this is approaching more optimal: Ordinance Combo v1. By trimming down the combo pieces and moving around some of the support pieces, you get more interaction and get to add more merchants for better consistency. Blazing Salvo helps against aggro and also grabs Eremot's Designs if you need it - though possibly that slot should be Annihilate, since big dudes coming down on t3 or 4 can give the deck a lot of trouble. I also almost never grab the banner since I rarely have time to play 3 merchants, so it might make sense to swap that out for more 2-cost interaction: Protect or Annihilate, probably.

I'm just running it through Gauntlet for now to try and get the shell, but it's a ton of fun to attack with two hasty 90/90s!
mindthief666 Eternal Version: 20.05.05
Fun, but how do you stay alive before you've managed to pull 3 merchants ?
genericaviary Eternal Version: 20.05.05
The good news is you only need 2, the third one comes free with the combo! You can chump block to your heart's content since you don't care about card advantage. Other then that, there's certainly room for improvement - I am testing variations.
Jaxxis Eternal Version: 20.05.05
I added some time for a safety net with Disjunction. Also more merchants and some chants to help with power consistency. Grinva's Guardian OTK
genericaviary Eternal Version: 20.05.05
Bravo! Hat's off to you for fitting Time in there, I just wasn't sure the shell I was using could handle 4 colors. I think your version might also benefit a lot from pslymne's comment down below - I'm still experimenting, but having only one Saw works just fine so long as you're not getting hit with discard effects.
psly4mne Edited Eternal Version: 20.05.05
A few suggestions -
Gravewatch Guardian may deal more damage than Stonescar Leviathan through armor, run a mix of the two.
Syl and Bulletshaper seem less than useful since you only need 6 power to go off and 5 must be maximum.
(ignore this) You can run 9 non-transmute power and the combo will still go off 100% of the time.
You definitely only need 1 Surgeon's Saw, if you draw it you hold it for the combo. 3 of Grinva and Leviathan with Delinquent feels like too much.
You probably want the full 12 smugglers since you need 2 to go off. Maybe even some Ixtun Merchant on top of that.
Shugo Standard is better as a Monument because of Processor.

Trying this out right now!
genericaviary Eternal Version: 20.05.05
Oh these are really solid, now I want to try that variation out! What's the math on 9 non-transmute power? Odds of drawing it out of the deck/culling it to the bottom? I ask not because I doubt you, but because knowing the rationale will help me be a better deck builder.

As for the other suggestions, you're making me realize just how much refining there might be left for this combo: originally Saw was in multiples to retrieve combo pieces in case you had to spend them early (not relevant anymore), Syl's there for pledge & power reasons but if you have 9 non-transmutes you probably don't need pledge, Shugo Standard was picked over the equivalent Monument since it's the worst monument (but you should never be playing a monument anyways!) and so on and so on...

Thank you very much for the feedback!
psly4mne Edited Eternal Version: 20.05.05
I'm wrong about 9 power - I was counting 5 in play and 4 milled but I forgot that you have some transmutes in play, and it randomly worked for me on the first game.
I'm trying out Camrin, because it pledges for any faction, it comes down faster and, and it also gives +1 power with Processor.
abby315 Eternal Version: 20.05.08
Do either of you have a more up to date list given this testing? I love the idea and would love to run it through some iterations.
psly4mne Eternal Version: 20.05.08
I'd suggest Jaxxis's version but with -1 Saw, +1 Interloper or Red Canyon Smuggler.