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Have a small collection and need shiftstone? Disenchant those Rares and Legendaries

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Unlogical Blaze

0 Azurite Prixis x1 0 Trail Stories x1 1 Call the Ancients x1 1 Crested Runt x1 1 Deafening Word x1 1 Formbend x1 1 Hesitate x1 1 Kennelmaster x1 1 Light the Fuse x1 1 On the Hunt x1 1 Randori x1 1 Socrato, Furyheart x1 1 Spy Glass x1 1 Stonehewer x1 1 Time Flies x1 1 Vargo's Pelt x1 2 Accelerated Impact x1 2 Ask for Directions x1 2 Bar the Gates x1 2 Barricade x1 2 Brazen Daredevil x1 2 Clodagh, Loyal Advisor x1 2 Eloz, Nightmare General x1 2 Fearbinder x1 2 Flamebelcher x1 2 Lida's Apprentice x1 2 Lurking Raptors x1 2 Maelstrom Bell x1 2 Mating Call x1 2 Notorious Scoundrel x1 2 Quicktrigger Outlaw x1 2 Ruby Catalyst x1 2 Scale Seeker x1 2 Snapping Hydrangea x1 2 Song of War x1 2 Tax Collector x1 2 Torgov's Trading Post x1 3 Bloodwolf x1 3 Crashing Avalanche x1 3 Darkclaw Ravager x1 3 Dig Site x1 3 Feln Cauldron x1 3 Flametail Whip x1 3 Gear Master x1 3 Gold Mine x1 3 Ijin, Imperial Armorer x1 3 Kosul Elite x1 3 Learn the Truth x1 3 Means to an End x1 3 Mind Link x1 3 Purge the Darkness x1 3 Rika, Desert Navigator x1 3 Scrap Heap x1 3 Shiftstone Processor x1 3 Sinister Design x1 3 Spectral Scythe x1 3 Stonescar Excavator x1 3 Sunken Tower x1 3 Tinker Enervator x1 3 Valkyrie Justiciar x1 3 Void Drummer x1 4 Arcane Restraint x1 4 Bladerang x1 4 Breeze Dancer x1 4 Caltrops x1 4 Copperhall Blessing x1 4 Copperhall Chancellor x1 4 Devious Drone x1 4 Dramatist's Mask x1 4 Ezuzi, Kodosh's Listener x1 4 Fantastic Revelation x1 4 Flamebrewer x1 4 Furious Compulsion x1 4 Ijin's Workshop x1 4 Kaleb, Reborn x1 4 Kaleb's Sanctum x1 4 Lastlight Druid x1 4 Library Phoenix x1 4 Mercy of Kodosh x1 4 Navani, Warsinger x1 4 Peacekeeper's Prod x1 4 Shingane Firebrand x1 4 Steward of Prophecy x1 4 Street Leecher x1 4 Watcher of the Big Ones x1 5 Alu, Death-Dreamer x1 5 Anthem of Grodov x1 5 Ashen Snakepit x1 5 Big Brother x1 5 Emerald Maw x1 5 Epoch Infestation x1 5 Hotbarrel Revolver x1 5 Idol of Destran x1 5 Infernus x1 5 Jotun Bonebreaker x1 5 Magus of the Mist x1 5 Mass Polymorph x1 5 Obrak, the Feaster x1 5 Overmax Wand x1 5 Parapet Sentry x1 5 Pearlescent Drake x1 5 Sack the City x1 5 Shogun of the Wastes x1 5 Syl, Hand of the Cabal x1 5 The End is Near x1 5 Unchecked Rage x1 5 Unspeakable Torment x1 5 Withstand x1 6 Argenport Ringmaster x1 6 Augmented Form x1 6 Birthright x1 6 Blademaster Daimyo x1 6 Challenge by Law x1 6 Dashing Rapscallion x1 6 Defender's Bulwark x1 6 Eilyn's Frostrider x1 6 End of Days x1 6 Flight of Makkar x1 6 Hatchery Hunter x1 6 Inevitable Horror x1 6 Invoke the Waystones x1 6 Malediction Reader x1 6 Nikos, the Unifier x1 6 Parul, Sealkeeper x1 6 Phoenix Hammer x1 6 Plated Demolisher x1 6 Regent's Blade x1 6 Riddle Game x1 6 Rolant's Fist x1 6 Rujin, Conflict Within x1 6 Sentinel's Might x1 6 Serasaur Bull x1 6 Sky Terror x1 6 Snowsculptor x1 6 Sureshot x1 6 Tomb Protector x1 6 Valkyrie Wings x1 6 Whispers in the Void x1 6 Worldpyre Phoenix x1 6 Zelia, the Vain x1 7 Aerial Attendant x1 7 Ancient Terrazon x1 7 Bhodi & Rox x1 7 Brenn, Archmagister x1 7 Claw of the First Dragon x1 7 Crill, Merciless Pillager x1 7 Dangerous Bargain x1 7 Eilyn, Fearless x1 7 Eremot, Death Incarnate x1 7 Fear Made Flesh x1 7 Hall of Lost Kings x1 7 Jotun Birth Song x1 7 Kaleb, Claimless x1 7 Lumen Colossus x1 7 Minsod, the Peerless x1 7 Mistveil Drake x1 7 Nightmaw, Sight Unseen x1 7 Novice Herdrider x1 7 Powerstone Compass x1 7 Rhinarc Huntpack x1 7 Rock Carapace x1 7 Rolant, Merciless x1 7 Stonescar Leviathan x1 7 Strength of the Pack x1 7 Talir, Unbound x1 7 Terror on the Mountain x1 7 Venomspine Hydra x1 7 Vernal Mandrake x1 8 Dinosaur Stampede x1 8 Encroaching Darkness x1 8 Thunder Giant x1 8 Unbreakable Alliance x1 8 Valkyrie Harvester x1 8 Vicious Rejuvenation x1 9 Emerging Colossus x1 9 Spear of the Dying Sun x1 9 The Last Word x1 10 Royal Guardian x1 11 First Flame x1 11 Sigvard, the Last Bastion x1

Market 5

5 Wren, Traditionalist x1 6 Curiox, Insatiable Seeker x1 6 Eloz, Martial Scholar x1 9 Worldjoiner x1 12 Spirit of Resistance x1

Sideboard 27

1 Abominate x1 1 Inspiring Captain x1 1 Wandering Beholder x1 2 Auric Vigilante x1 3 Blood-Sun Staff x1 3 Calderan Cradle x1 3 D'Angolo Strongarm x1 3 Inspiring Leadership x1 3 Moldermuck x1 4 Ancient of the Ice Caves x1 4 Eaton, Seditious Noble x1 4 Long Live the Queen x1 5 Agile Deathjaw x1 5 Explorer Emeritus x1 5 Spell Swipe x1 6 Auric Captain x1 6 Ayur, Ageless Behemoth x1 6 Blistersting Claws x1 6 Crownwatch Captain x1 6 Dichro, Vindicated x1 6 Failed Reflection x1 6 Shaluuk Captain x1 6 Shingane Captain x1 6 Siege Supplier x1 6 Siphon Vitality x1 6 Temple Captain x1 7 The Unforgiven x1

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Some of those cards are ok to keep if you have a good collection, but i make this list from new players and in the beggining is good destroy some cards to have enough dust to make a good gauntlet deck and a good expedition and/or throne deck.
Since the list is more than 180 cards i put some cards in Market and Sideboard.

Disagree with any card in this list? Comment here. Think i forget any card? Comment here.


Shiftstone Cost
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Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
4 4 3 3 4

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Deck Rarities
82 103

Card Types
100 43 40 2 0


December 29, 2020

June 24, 2020


Eternal Version
Empire of Glass

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Revisions (Since last major patch) December 29, 2020


ChangelingRain Eternal Version: 20.12.23
I'm not sure why Customs Officer is on this list, it's functional expedition removal and a lot more straight playable than, say, Learn the Truth
YurickYu Edited Eternal Version: 20.12.23
I think he is really bad. Easy destroyed, cost alot and bad stats, but maybe in gauntlet he can be ok. Changed it with Learn the Truth.
ChangelingRain Eternal Version: 20.12.23
Note, however, that transform and silence effects break the link, so there's some potential.
YurickYu Eternal Version: 21.01.08
Good news. He get buffed today. Now he have 4 attack.
YurickYu Eternal Version: 20.12.23
I know. I am a big fan of evolve in hearthstone. Is so sad eternal have the rule "if you reduce the cost of a unit it stay reduced for the turn". I would love to see North-Wind Herald become Icaria, the Liberator on turn 1. But with my luck it would become Lumen Colossus. I will try add it to my auto-silence meme deck next year.
J0k3_R Eternal Version: 20.11.06
Nice list, I think Hooru Envoy can probably leave this list now- it's been seeing some play in kira decks recently
YurickYu Eternal Version: 20.11.06
Kira make him playable again. Removed from the list now.
negrescence Eternal Version: 20.08.06
Solar Blast is rather common in a few world pyre decks. Especially in expedition.
YurickYu Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Removed from the list. Thanks.
Bruschetta Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Thanks for putting this together! Much useful. I believe Rebuild could be added.
YurickYu Eternal Version: 20.07.29
I think he is ok in a Praxis Warp Combo deck. He + Workshop Forge and Glimpse the Possibilities can be ok and even better in Gauntlet mode since Throne have that time limit that difficult some combo decks.
Bruschetta Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Makes sense, thanks for explaining.
szilveszter Eternal Version: 20.07.16
i can’t win a single game with this deck , whats wrong with me :)))???
winterguitarist Eternal Version: 20.07.01
A lot of the legendaries in Argent Depths should be dust worthy. Vadius, Clan Father is a good example.
YurickYu Eternal Version: 20.07.01
Update now. Now full list. If have any card that you think should be on the list just say.
YurickYu Eternal Version: 20.07.01
I will update for Set 9, but first i will make few comments about card choices. And yes, Vadius will be on the list.