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I worked on this deck a bit earlier this week after mgallop mentioned the Surgeon's Saw / Dumping Ground kill (which I think is the best option) to me, and this build is surprisingly consistent at winning the game on turn 6 (while playing a couple merchants that can block and maybe a Defiance too, so it usually survives until then) if it doesn't face hate of some form. The deck does the same thing every game and it isn't very resilient to interaction (relic removal or hand disruption that hits a combo piece), so it's not very interesting to play after the first 10-20 games of figuring out how to sequence turns 1-5 correctly. For this reason I'm not very likely to play the deck more myself (and the precise numbers of various cards aren't fully tuned), but I thought I would post it here for those who like OTK combo decks.

For those who haven't seen the combo, the way the deck works is as follows:

Turns 1-5: Make all your power drops (making sure to have access to FJSS influence) and play merchants/crescendo to get Shiftstone Processor and Ordnance Scavenger from your market. Banner and Kindle are in your market to help you hit 6 power on turn 6 (if you have spare merchants/crescendo to get them. Also, you need to play Shiftstone Processor during this time.

Turn 6: Play Ordnance Scavenger (either with a 6th power drop or with Kindle). This will usually mill your entire deck (if you've drawn/played at least 3 of your 7 non-transmute power) or almost all of it (if you've drawn/played only 2 of your 7 non-transmute power). This usually gives you at least 22 power with Shiftstone Processor, and also lets you draw Surgeon's Saw from the void. Use this 22 power to play:

Surgeon's Saw (with spellcraft) returning an S smuggler from the void -> Smuggler getting Dumping Ground from the market -> Dumping Ground (sacrificing a unit if necessary for 1 extra power from Processor) -> activate Dumping Ground to play either 2 Gravewatch Guardians or Gravewatch Guardian + Grinva -> attack/pass turn to deal over 100 damage to the opponent.

(Important note: if you can afford to keep an extra S smuggler in your hand while setting up the combo, then you don't need to play Saw so you only need 16 power from Processor and also can ignore cards like Unseal or Swift Refusal.)

Sequencing cards and power optimally in turns 1-5 to get the turn 6 kill requires a little practice, but again the deck is very repetitive after 10-20 games of doing that. If I were playing more seriously with the deck, there are some minor changes that I might test out (replacing a couple Defiances with Protects to have outs to discard/relic removal, replacing one Diplomatic Seal with an additional standard, replacing one Grinva with an additional Gravewatch Guardian, trimming a couple chants and/or merchants for additional protection, etc), but in general I believe that this sort of build (with many Chants/Cargos and many merchants and this precise market) is probably close to correct.


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7 8 9 1 3

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5 29 39 3

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25 4 25 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


May 18, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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icyrainz Edited Eternal Version: 20.05.21
Awesome deck idea. It just cannot survive fire aggro meta ...
The Kindle in market is really redundant. I've played about 10 games and not a single game I needed it.
Also, I got a game where opponent was having active Nullblade. Completely destroyed this and I had no way to remove their weapon ..
SirDuckington Eternal Version: 20.05.15
Fantastic deck idea. I've been playing around with some of the deck slots, and it is oddly consistent considering its basically an OTK on turn 6. I will say, the most noticable change I have made is swaping Grinva for Scourge of Frosthome. Completes the same purpose as Grinva (forcing the damage to face) while not bring blocked by faegis or two seperate pirces of spot removal or a defiance etc etc. Scourge lets the Gravewatch go in everytime, only stopped by Desert Marshall and Stormtamer's Mount I believe.
htraos Eternal Version: 20.05.15
I would advise you to play Back-Alley Delinquent to discard unnecessary cards, especially Guardian and Grinva that definitely need to be in the void, and to protect the combo. This is a reanimator deck after all, and Delinquent has always been a staple in that archetype.
isomorphic Eternal Version: 20.05.15
No, this really isn't a reanimator deck. It's totally fine to draw a Grinva or a Guardian or even both and just market them away, since you are milling your entire deck and you have spares. You also just don't have the cards in hand to waste 2 on playing Delinquent + Sabotage given that you need almost all the cards in your hand to get T6 kills, and Sabotage doesn't hit a lot of the more problematic hate cards anyway (Prideleader, Merchant -> Bore).
Talares Eternal Version: 20.05.15
Don't you need 23 power? 6 for spellcrafted Saw + 3 for S-Merchant + 4 for Dumping Ground + 10 for activating Dumping Ground
isomorphic Eternal Version: 20.05.15
Dumping Ground lets you sacrifice a unit for one extra power from Shiftstone Processor if necessary, so you only need to have 9 left after playing Dumping Ground.