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Xenan Lifegain (7-2, draft)

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Not the best deck I've drafted, but certainly the best Arcanum Seeker deck I've put together recently. No rares either.

P1P1 Battlefront Dasher (the rare was Ghodan's Mark). A good start, but Fire was missing entirely from my second pack (the rare), which made me a bit skittish about going into that faction, since it was probably going to be cut. I ended up taking Eavesdrop out of an otherwise weak pack over Defend the Treasury, which I have been perpetually disappointed by. P3 Kickflip Monk over Dartimus Iceblade, Calderan Captain, and Soul Feast, with the logic that there aren't a ton of good 2-drops in the format.

My next few picks all reinforced my Shadow - Call the Hit, Toxic Wisp, and Lethrai Kidnapper suggested it was open. Not entirely sure what I was going to do for my second faction - I got a pair of Pteriax Screechers that I wasn't excited by, but my last two picks were Mature Avirax and Warrior Monk, suggesting that Time was open.

In pack 2, I started with Metalfang - it's a card I'm generally willing to splash for. Xenan generally felt open - I picked up stuff like Growing Sludge and Borderlands Lookout. Similar for pack 3, although I did emphasize grabbing some fixing for the splash.

Pack 4 brought 2x Arcanum Seeker... which was great, because I was worried about my curve. Things ended up working pretty well - this deck definitely felt like it was lacking in some aspects (bombs, removal, evasion....), but dying to aggro was never a concern.

Overall, I would say that the games felt challenging but winnable - I generally relied on the classic Time strategy of 'have bigger stuff than the opponent'. If my opponent had to invest multiple cards to deal with one of my units, I considered it a win. Arcanum Seeker carried a lot of weight here - a 2-cost 4/4 is a very beefy board presence, even if it usually didn't come online until later in the game.


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1 2 2

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3 6 7 1

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13 18

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22 0 8 0 15


January 3, 2022


Eternal Version
Cold Hunt

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