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Mimp's Exalted Wisps deck.

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This deck strives to give our Wisps a bunch of abilities and snowball using Exalted and recursion.

Lets meet our wisps:

- Ephemeral Wisp does the majority of our work, the built in recursion is perfect for this deck, the 0 attack is a small problem we have to overcome though.

- Weary Spiteling is soooo cheap and easy to get out. What he lacks in recursion he makes up for in pump-ability. He also gains flying which is nice to pass along when you make him Exalted.

-Illumination Wisp doesn't really have the same synergy as the others but it's here as a good early game blocker and Endurance is another ability we can pass along. Great for dealing with stuns.

There aren't a lot of cards that can help us get Exalted but I've included ten though:

- Stand Strong is the weakest one, it's actually pretty hard to pull off, is temporary and I think it'll be the first thing I'll cut. This would drop us back to a 3 faction deck too.

- Dramatic Exit works really well as it guarantees the effect will permanently be on the target. It's also the most expensive card in the deck at 5 power.

- Immortalize is surprisingly good here. The decimate effect is a bit of a pain but we don't need a ton of power either.

I've added a couple other cards that seem to have good synergy with our basic goal of bringing back wisps and making them continually pass on their bonuses as they cycle:

- Spiteful Lumen's summon ability lets us turn our small wisps into a real threat. The ability sticks with them after they die and with Exalted they'll pass this along to others as well. It just spreads like a plague, but a good one... for us anyhow.

- Xenan Cultist is a given, an extra +2/+2 every time is really hard to deal with. He tends to become a priority target for your opponents removal. (You can save Immortalize for him if you want to mess with them.)

- Xenan Lifespeaker's Ultimate is just a fun ability with any sort of recursion. The lifesteal can help give us longevity too.

- Xenan Initiation gives our Ephemeral Wisp's some basic stats and Killer. This really helps when combined with Deadly from Spiteful Lumen. If dropped on an Exalted/Deadly wisp you can kill their biggest guy and pass Killer and Deadly to another target and take out their next biggest threat too.

We get most of our recursion from the Empower ability on Ephemeral Wisp, but we also have some other great tools to help out:

- Memory Dredger is the king of recursion. He tends to get a pretty big target on his back though, thankfully we can use other tools to bring him back too if necessary.

- Dread is a weird card for me most of the time. Just remember it's better to not attack with him if your opponent can kill him before his ability triggers. He's a good target for Stand Strong as he's guaranteed to die at the end of the turn and pass along his Charge and Lifesteal abilities.

- Immortalize is possibly the best synergy we could hope for.

I added in Xenan Obelisks as their bonuses will get passed along repeatedly each time Exalted triggers but I've yet to draw one in a game. In no particular order, here are some other ideas/cards I considered but haven't explored in the deck yet:

- Unblockable: Thief's Pick - Seems like it might be a good fit for getting Memory Dredger to trigger. I don't know if Exalted will pass along Unblockable as well. On that note, Azindel, Revealed's wisps would be a lot of fun, I didn't want to have such a high power requirement though. Void Drummer sounds amazing on this front but I don't have one and I hate crafting legendaries. Ghostform might work just as well. Secret Passage might also work here and in our next area.

- Sacrifice: In order to kill off our units on our time table, trigger Exalted, gain extra bonuses and keep the recursion going I think there's some merit in Devour. Fearbinder has interesting promise here too, Memory Dredger already gets along so well with it. Piercing Grief is another card I've considered as it'd be another good fit for Exalted, and being able to pass on Revenge might help our recursion. Magenta Wisp is also on point thematically. Sol's Fury would give us some direct damage which could be nice too.

- Recursion: Dark Return is cheap and gives that small stat boost, worth considering. Sleeping Draught might be nice for bringing back units with Killer. Or for targets that were killed upon hitting the board, Xenan Cultist or Memory Dredger for example. Back for More has a steep Justice influence cost but could add some real resilience to Memory Dredger. Vara, Fate-Touched sounds like a good fit but her Voidbound limitation really might mess us up. Smuggler's Stash is really expensive but really good here as the Exalted weapons are valid targets. Display of Ambition is a really flexible card that could be helpful in all three modes for this deck.

Anyhow, it's late and I need sleep. I've found this deck a lot of fun to play. Let me know if you try it, out and how you like it, or what changes you tried and found helpful. Thanks!

Edit: I broke down and crafted a Void Drummer, he feels really good in the deck. I'm trying out Smuggler's Stash and Secret Passage as well, both are pretty nice. I cut all the Justice cards and went down to only a couple Seek Power.


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October 13, 2019

October 10, 2019


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The Flame of Xulta

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Thorketil Eternal Version: 1.47.6
Thanks for this deck concept. I ended up making swaps for things I didn't have and then ended up going in other directions with things I've acquired.
Went away from Fire altogether. Added some inspire and draw but the real MVP is Emblem of Grovod. 2 cost 2/2 with exalted is money with the recursion and ramping the little guys. Plus putting killer on it lets you go nuts.
Mimp Eternal Version: 1.47
Oh, a couple other things: the deck is pretty budget friendly overall. I may have included some weird numbers of things, usually that means I didn't have more of them or didn't find them important enough to bump up, feel free to adjust to what your collection has. Lastly, the power-base is probably a mess; I just tossed stuff in without a lot of consideration.