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Give 'Em The Business

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A little spin on the classic Argenport revenge decks. I am sure that the deck isn't optimal, but I have built in a way that I find the most fun to play, which is why I play! There are three things that make this deck a lot of fun. First of all Unfinished Business is great fun - slap it on a Piercing Grief the first time over for loads of life, a Tock Tick that will get drawn back out of the deck by a Crownwatch Press-Gang, or just on a good old fashioned Inquisitor Makto. Second up is Rolant's Memorial - it's pretty janky, but making things bigger and bigger only to have them destiny back into play from the deck or the void is great. Finally, given that I didn't have a fourth Makto I tried out a copy of Mazag, the Waking Terror as a replacement, since he's something of a pet card. It worked out so well that I made room for a second! It's definitely not optimal, but between Rolant's Memorial and Unfinished Business (+ Dark Return, often) it's possible to make Mazag large enough that his steal ability can massively swing a game. Also, his summon effect isn't so bad, or is even actively good, when it hits something with destiny, or something that you don't care about (e.g. a Piercing Grief on it's way out). Sherrif Marley is great for silencing (the tribute is pretty easy to hit between Business, Devour and Mazag) and providing sticky bodies to buff with memorial. The market is three cards you always want (Business, Memorial and Makto), a Harsh Rule for emergencies and a banner because a) I was out of good ideas and b) you DO want to hit 5-6 power fairly reliably here.

Better/fuller write up to follow...


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September 14, 2018

August 29, 2018


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