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Copper Killers (Budget options in description)

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EDIT: If you want to see a variation on this deck involving Wasteland Broker and some more units, check out Copper Killers 2: Wasteland Boogaloo

Made a deck to celebrate our boy Copper Conduit getting his groove back. It's beens serving me well in both throne and gauntlet.

Aim of the deck is fairly simple- play cards like Copper Conduit and Nahid's Faithful, give them killer, then bring them back with an all-star supporting cast of cards like Shadowlands Guide, Dark Return and Eremot's Machinations so you can continually remove stuff and damage at the same time thanks to overwhelm. The reason this works so well is because conduit and nahid keep their stats in void and can activate their abilities again to gain more stats.

Card Choices

- Copper Conduit- need I say more about this guy, the whole deck is built around him. Excellent recipient for killer, excellent synergy with rez effects
- Shadowlands Guide- so many ways to use this guy! Can use him to bring back a Conduit or Nahid's faithful obviously, but can also be used to bring back the tokens from Gnash, Desert Prince which can be very very useful if Grodov's Burden is up. A prime taget for Dark Return if you have a 1 drop in your void.
- Alhed Ascending- An absolute all-star in this deck and you can really use him to his maximum potential here. Great synergy with killer and exalted, two keywords that are very important in this deck, and will gain stats when you revive other things. As a bonus, he also gains the full effect of Twilight Hunt so just an all round beast for this deck.
- Eremot's Machinations- Allows for some pretty nutty turns, if you have only a shadowlands guide and 1 drops in void its worth it even weithout 2 drops because the guide will bring back another one drop.

Market choices

- Grodov's Burden- we got loads of keywords in this deck, so lots of synergy with exalted- setting off killer chains is very fun!
- Gnash, Desert Prince- bit of a greedy choice, only take this guy if you have Grodov's Burden up, because the tokens he creates can basically turn any unit into a killer one then. Not essential, can replace cheaper options if need be.
- Hermit Gardener- You know, Turn to Seed aint so bad for this deck. You can give the seeds killer and revive them with guide if they hit your one drops. Also just a decent play even if you aren't facing a TTS deck, the seeds synergise nicely with the rest of the deck.
- Immortalize- when you need to rez in a pinch, One of my favourite plays with this is reviving a Shadowlands Guide with exalted, then bringing back a Nahid's Faithful and sac'ing the guide for a big threat.
- Striking Snake Formation- allows you to surprise opponents with some mass removal. Would recommend crafting one of these for market.

Budget Options

- Xenan Lifespeaker can be used in place of conduit for a bit but get conduit ASAP. Don't craft it but if you have Weary Spiteling you can use this too.
- Xenan Initiation is of course a great replacement for Twilight Hunt or even Predator's Instinct if you're super strapped for shiftstone.
- If you don;t have Shadowlands Guide, craft it ASAP. But you could try cards like Vorpal Cutter, Xenan Cultist or Scorpion Wasp or even another merchant if you have those. Or you could main deck Immortalize and put something else in market.
- If you don't have Alhed Ascending, here are my top replacement picks in order of how good they are for this deck:
Really Good: Strange Navigator, Blistersting Wasp
Decent: Two-Face, Endless Nightmare
OK: Temple Scribe Oasis Seeker.

- Banish can be replaced by some other removal like Defile, Suffocate or even Deathstrike at a push, but then you need to run some relic removal like Disjunction or Burglarize in market

Market has some expensive stuff I know, but can be replaced with various cheaper cards if need be. Try for tech cards like Disjunction or some void synergy.

Anyways thanks for reading this, let me know how it performs for you!


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Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
12 13 10

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Deck Rarities
20 19 28 6

Card Types
26 1 28 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Awakening [Set1095]


October 13, 2020


Eternal Version

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grafomonk Edited Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Played 0-8 in current meta. Bad against aggro because you're too slow, bad against control because they just remove or silence your table, bad against combo because most usable combo are overpowered. Good against... well when your opponent can't find his combo or harsh rule. But it's fun to play until you lose. Always lot of cards that you can't play right now in your hand anyway.
Againsttheclock Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Yeah not long after I made this deck the meta shifted to decks with a lot of control and disruption, where it definitely won't perform as well, even with unit recursion. Ah well, it's still a blast in casual and actually a really effective gauntlet deck.
AVoiD83 Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Nice deck. Well done.
Againsttheclock Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Thanks, glad you enjoy the list! Any feedback on it's performance on ladder?
AVoiD83 Edited Eternal Version: 20.10.06
I have used it in casual games and gauntlets so far and I am having fun with it and a pretty good win rate. As of ladder, I don't really enjoy climbing the last few months, so I guess that will be answered in the following comments from someone else! Tnx again for the list!
Againsttheclock Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Honestly understandable, ladder has been a bit of a drag recently for me too. It's definitely a solid performer in Gauntlet though, won two full gauntlets in a row with it