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Quickly Overwhelming V1.1

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This is more what I imagine this deck would look like if I had some of the legendaries I mentioned in my last iteration of this deck. Because of Vadius it makes this deck much more Skycragg, the previous iteration had 80% fire, this one has a little less. It definitely needs more work to be closer to Skycragg but I'm hoping some of you try this out and make your own improvements. Of course, when new cards come out I'm sure I'll find more card to put in and develop this idea further. Let me know what you think! Thanks for viewing, hope you like the idea :)


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2 2

Power Sources
17 16 8

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20 21 12 5

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29 11 10 0 25


September 29, 2017


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TipsyAssassin Eternal Version: 1.24
Great Deck im 11-4 atm
Brettorious Eternal Version: 1.24
Thanks, Man! I really appreciate it! I'm glad you're enjoying it, let me know if you have any ideas or additions that you've made.
TipsyAssassin Eternal Version: 1.24
I didnt have Shogun or last 4th Vadius so i added another Steelfang and Oni Ronin seems to work awesome
Brettorious Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
That sounds pretty reasonable. Like I said, I'm glad you're enjoying the deck. I actually just released another version of the deck if you want to check that out. Let me know what you think. Quickly Overwhelming V1.2
TipsyAssassin Eternal Version: 1.24
ok cool ill check it out