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Exp Cheap-as-Free Upgrade for Bonebreaker's Revenge Theme Deck

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This is an upgraded version of Bonebreaker's Revenge - Argent Depths (Theme deck). I decided to only consider cards included from the starter decks, the original five mono-faction decks from the Intro campaign and the five awarded through in-game quests. As well, I also considered cards from the remaining four Argent Depths Theme Decks where appropriate.

The Argent Depths' Bonebreaker's Revenge Theme Deck is a Feln Midrange deck that uses the set's Revenge mechanic to gain card advantage to help control the board. From the original deck, 17 of the 30 spells included utilize the Revenge mechanic, and thus can be played once more during most of your matches. Of these spells, Frost, Grisly Contest, Stealth Strike, and Torrent of Filth aid your plan to control your opponent's board state, while Mobilization, False Demise, and Vengeful Flight were included to help your board state by giving you more units. As well, Reflection has brilliant art but has questionable use by also allowing your opponent to draw a card: nevertheless, Reflection looks great in Premium. The remainder of the deck plays along the midrange theme through building your board state through turns 1 to 4, before taking off from turn 5+.

Playing the original deck unedited in Expedition is an exercise in patience. While the original deck can work, rarely does it accomplish the goal of this game: having fun by winning matches.

If you have recently picked up this Theme Deck and your collection is composed mainly from the starter decks, then this deck tech is for you. However, if you're looking for an optimized deck upgrade for those who have been playing for a while and have the shiftstone to create what you need, please go to my other list built upon the deck's original theme, here.

My deck here will retain the deck's synergy with the Revenge mechanic, but changed to be more consistent in matches. I decided to retain the deck's usage of Revenge spells in order to draw value from them when they're replayed with Destiny. This also allowed for both Fortune Teller and Terrazon Echo to retain their synergy from the original decklist. The remainder of the decklist here is intended to maintain tempo over your opponent's game plan.

From Shadowstrike (starter):
Looking through the original Mono-Shadow decklist I decided to add an additional copy of Dark Wisp, the 2 copies of Ravenous Thornbeast, the Impending Doom, and either Vara, Fate-Touched or Vara, Limitless, depending on when you started Eternal. The Dark Wisp pairs well with the Thornbeast, but also serves as useful fodder for Devour and Grisly Contest. While Impending Doom and Vara allow you to pressure your opponent from mid- to late- game, especially with Vara's recursion ability in longer games.
To make room for these additions, I removed the 2 copies of Makkar Evangel, the 2 copies of Linrei Evangel, and one copy of Spore-Spitter. With only the Jotun Bonebreaker and the Severin of the Dark benefiting from the Evangels' surge synergy, they're easy cuts to make. As well, the Spore Spitter's benefit from Mill doesn't match the theme of this deck.

From Stonescar Chaos (quest):
The original Stonescar Quest deck provides an additional copy of Ravenous Thornbeast and 2 more copies of Devour. To make room for these three additions, I cut one copy of Seek Power and the two copies of Valley-Clan Sage. While the Seep Power is invaluable in most matches, Devour works well when used on a Unit you're likely to loose anyway. as well, the Sage's ability to draw only a spell card makes it useful once in a while, but not as a reliable card drawing engine.

From Roshi's Confounders - Argent Depths (Theme deck):
If you've picked up the Roshi's Confounders Theme Deck or have access to these cards in your set already, you can add two more copies of Permafrost and the copy of Helio, the Skywinder. Permafrost can more often or not remove a unit for the rest of the game until your opponent can deal with the Curse: not every deck can. Helio serves as raw card advantage, usually replacing herself most of the time she is played. To make room for these three cards, I cut the two copies of Hearty Warrior and the remaining Spore-Spitter. Hearty Warrior benefits in a similar way as Helio, but doesn't give you more cards to draw in the process. The rationale for cutting the remaining Spore-Spitter remains as described above.

And finally, I swapped out one Primal Sigil for a Shadow Sigil.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments section below.

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16 17 8

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32 27 5 2

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15 4 31 0 25

Aggro Midrange

August 16, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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KniferX Edited Eternal Version: 20.08.10
My quest queue thanks you for these very easy to get, various faction expedition decks that are playable! Also appreciate the detailed explanations on how the decks need to be played.
Isendahl Eternal Version: 20.08.10
You're very welcome, KniferX. I am happy to hear that these builds are valued.