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Masters in first month - Praxis Token

Throne Deck By
Unlogical Blaze


Cost Curve




I start the game 25/06/2018. Make Masters in Draft last week of July.

I don't buy campaigns during the firsts 4 month of playing and this is why don't have campaign in this Deck.

I start playing Mono Time, but without Venom Rider and Passage of Eons i prefer to change to this Deck.

Cards choice:

Unit (36):

4x (28):
Amber Acolyte - Ramp.
Auralian Merchant - Better than Ixtun Merchant for this Deck.
Grenadin Drone - Staple
Heart of the Vault - Boss
Marisen's Disciple - Staple
Teacher of Humility - Boss x Control
Temple Scribe - Staple

3x (3):
Initiate of the Sands - I prefer Trail Maker, but cast 3 cost cards in turn 2 is great.

2x (2):
Trail Maker - Amber Acolyte is better.

1x (3):
Arcanum Monitor - Boss
Jekk, Hunted Fugitive - My favorite card Fire card
Predatory Carnosaur - Good x Aegis.

Relic (3):

3x (3):
Xenan Obelisk - My favorite Time Card

Spells (11):

4x (8):
Assembly Line - Staple
Torch - Staple

2x (2):
Obliterate - Staple

1x (1):
Rally - Only 1 because i use 1 Jekk, Hunted Fugitive and 1 Arcanum Monitor.

Lands (25):
6x Time Sigil - Staple
4x Crest of Impulse - Scry 1 is great
4x Granite Waystone - Staple
4x Praxis Banner - Staple
3x Seat of Impulse - Good Fixer.
2x Fire Sigil - Staple
1x Amber Waystone - Why people don't use this card in this Deck? I think 6 Time Sigil is enough. I know Seat of Impulse can be depleted if i have it instead of Time Sigil.
1x Shugo Standard - Surprise card.

Diogo Málaga - Have enough ramp and is great x players with few removals.
Predatory Carnosaur - Removal x Flying guys or Aegis
Sandstorm Titan - This deck is almost auto lose x Flying then this card helps a little, but until now i lose everytime i play it then maybe i can change it
Vault of the Praxis - Great against control
Xenan Obelisk - Staple

Popular cards i don't use:
Alluring Ember - Great card, but don't have space in my deck
Disjunction (market) - i think Shatterglass Mage is alot better, but only have 5 spaces
Praxis Displacer - In eternal bounce tokens will not make them dissapear. Also don't have great stats and is bad x aegis. Is ok to bounce your own units, but is not good enough.
Purify - Is great, but don't have space in my deck
Seek Power - Amber Acolyte is better.

I don't note the % win rate, but i think should be 55% to 60%. Deck need to improve.

Bad Matchups:
- Mask of Torment
- Decks with Flying units
- Decks that make giant units that are hard to kill

Anyway Master in Ranked and Draft in first month account is great.

Tip for begginers:

First week: Try get some Achievements, play all Puzzles and get master in Gauntlet and Forge (NEVER play Forge after you get master because the payout is bad).
Second week: Buy the League (12.500). Use the rest of gold to play Draft. Don't buy any Campaign in first month.
Third Week: Sell all cards you don't want use right now (ask for help for old players), but don't make like me and sell cards and make a Tier 1, 1.5 or 2 deck and go Ranked.
Fourth Week: Continue playing Draft and Ranked until get master (is good get master minimum in ranked every month).

And remember don't play events that you don't have chance (like that spell event) and play every Every League possible. And don't forget they give 1 free pack almost every friday (by email) and you have 4 twitch drop per day.

If you are a new player you can see my League tutorial.


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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
18 18 11

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Deck Rarities
27 12 21 1 11

Card Types
39 5 11 0 25


March 8, 2021

July 31, 2018


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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MoodyQuake Eternal Version: 21.07.21
Why do you have 2 empty spots in market?
YurickYu Eternal Version: 21.07.21
1) This deck is from mid 2018 (up to Set 4 - no campaign and right now we have 11 sets and Set 12 in 3 months).
2) In 2020 they change the market rule so you can't use cards that you also have in main deck. ,
3) 5 cards from this deck get nerfed including the most important one (Heart of the Vault). 4) After they release Kairos, Grand Champion on October 7, 2019 they start nerfing alot of Praxis cards destroying Praxis Token deck. At total they nerf even more than 10 cards because of it.
5) My tip to you: Use other deck. Unless they make new cards to use in Praxis Token or unnerf the cards nerfed because Kairos, Grand Champion and Evenhanded Golem (most time) this deck will have no chance. Save your dust and don't use Praxis Token for now.
6) Will have a balance change next week. Save your dust.