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FTS Profane Dragons [Expedition]

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Taking the cultist/dragon deck into fire unlocks some nice new options.

While slow speed, Combust is more of a catch-all removal than Worthy Cause.

Kairo's Choice functions as early game removal or to bounce a Ebon Dune Smuggler, Shadowlands Guide, Marsh Dragon, or Karvet, Solar Dragon to replay them for their summon abilities. Marsh Dragon -> K-Choice -> Marsh Dragon can go a long way to guaranteeing the 50 hp Nahid, the Immortal proc. This also works with Immortalize. Exalting a 3/25 flier isn't so bad.

Profane Nexus is an absolute powerhouse if you can keep it fed with sac fodder. Obrak can steamroll in Expedition if the site resolves, and it gives you another dragon to pump Karvet's summon. It's worth noting that the site trigger to play Obrak happens after the "sacrifice a unit" Obrak text would trigger, so Obrak doesn't eat itself if the site resolves on an empty board.

Plus, who doesn't want to Immortalize an Obrak with destiny to ambush block, then sac itself to itself to turn a 1/1 cultist into an 8/8 flier for lethal?

This is really a grindy deck, trying to clog the board, kill enemy units, gain life, and extract value until Nahid or one of your dragons sticks. I've messed around with ditching cultist synergy for more token generating power with cards like Slumbering Stone and Unkindness in place of things like Xenan Lifespeaker and High Prophet of Sol. Unsure as to which I prefer, and also not completely set on the market yet. Test it out and let me know what you think!

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2 3 3

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11 14 12 12

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22 27 12 9

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25 0 26 4 25


October 10, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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