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Aymar Deathless Combo

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The Seneschal of LIGHT. Aymar, DARK Summoner. An unlikely duo. But with help from a recent promo, the pair might finally have what they need to become a playable deck.

When you have Aymar, Dark Summoner out, any unit you play will trigger Seneschal of Light . If the unit dies, then your Steel Avenger will also trigger. And what do you know, Deathless Lurker is a unit you can play and have it die over and over again! Most of the other cards here are about setting up the combo.

Temple Scribe, Temple Looter, Dark Wisp - Typical for Aymar decks. With Aymar out, they can be played for free and replace themselves, triggering your Seneschals and Avengers. Otherwise, they are targets for Devour and roadblocks for aggro.

Reweave, Devour - Most of the time, Reweave finds Aymar, although you’ll sometimes want Seneschal of Light or Steel Avenger. If you have time, you can set up the combo on a later turn, and make the unit unblockable. There is also a Vikram to find in a pinch. Devour has lots of targets here and is purely for card advantage.

Crownwatch Press-Gang, Gentle Grazer - More card advantage that works well with Aymar. Press-Gang usually finds Seneschal or Avenger, but can also get Journey Guide if it helps to go infinite. Keep in mind Press-Gang is exactly one power, so if Aymar is out, you can’t get Seneschal or Guide.

Market is currently random cards I thought might help.
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Influence Requirements
3 1 2

Power Sources
15 13 7 13 3

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Deck Rarities
12 38 18 5 2

Card Types
42 0 13 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]

Combo Midrange

February 7, 2024


Eternal Version
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Bradifer Eternal Version: 24.01.31
Cool idea, thanks for sharing.