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2 2

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22 11 8

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9 31 22

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26 8 16 0 25

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August 19, 2017

August 13, 2017


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Kazuja1337 Eternal Version: 1.23
Put out the 3 Inspire and added 3 Seek Power after the nerf.
Kazuja1337 Edited Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Thanks for your suggestions guys.
I am not sure about Hammer of Might being better for this deck than Mantle of Justice. In an earlier version of this deck i played 2 of them additionaly, but i wasn't that happy with the results. Maybe just cause i had some less units in the deck at this point. At the moment i think they don't fit that well in this deck cause i don't run any other wacry. Also the objective of this deck is more focused on getting the units buffed that are allready in play. Don't you think Mantle of Justice delivers its value faster, than a Hammer of Might where you have to draw the buffed unit first for its full value, while the Hammer grows by its own?

The package of Whispering Wind and Privilege of Rank is the most suitable draw for this deckin my opinion, considering it draws me power and helps me getting my win conditions like Hammer of Might and Shelterwing Rider. Since i always get 1 of them if i discard a 3 power card like Privilege of Rank cause they are the only drops i play that are higher than 3.

Tinker Overseer is truly the card in this deck, i am the most dissatisfied about. I also thought about cutting 1 of them for playing 4 Eager Owlets.
Borderlands Waykeeper is a card i cutted out cause is way to slow since you realy need so have flying units to push the damage in time. It realy hurts if you have to spend a turn by just activating it and just gaininng 1 extra stat on it. Even if i was realy sad to drop this aegis unit out, so i maybe will try putting in 2 of them again.

Maybe i am just a blind fool that just fall in love with the monster he created by his own.
So i truly appreciate all of you, that are keep trying to save me. :D
CTQuiche Eternal Version: 1.22.4
I'd drop the Whispering Wind and Privilege of Rank package, as a deck with 4 drops as a top end doesn't really need to ramp. I'd also consider just swapping out Mantle of Justice for Hammer of Might. In a 2 color deck, Hammer is more likely to be stronger on curve on turn 4 and pumps a dude for free.
Makash Eternal Version: 1.22.4
I'd personally remove the Tinker Overseer, as there is no value to boost him and add 1x Eager Owlet nad 3x Borderlands Waykeeper