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Maktos Revenge Never Ends

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This is an old concept of Echo Makto that me and a buddy have been kicking around and keeping alive as long as possible.
The idea is obviously to get echo on Inquisitor Makto, and now additionally, Makto, Valorous Savior.
The other main idea that we have been operating on, is absolutely no units other than Makto and Elysian Pathfinder.
Crack the Earth and market seems to be necessary, as we may not have the removal piece were are looking for right away. The market itself is up for adjusting, I feel like the choices are strong, but it depends on what the meta is doing, again NO UNITS.
Devour is ideally there to protect Makto or Pathfinder from Silence effects, or eat your CTE cultist.
Eremot's Designs is good against aggro, but in testing it sits in my hand often or kills one unit. Still a good sweeper or market fodder.
Petition - this is one of my favorite cards to come out, especially with cylixes for ultimate card advantage. With this card I feel like I have gained a good understanding of power basing.
Send an Agent is better than Annihilate, and although I run into more problematic relics, it's still a good slot filler.
Display of Vision is relic removal, a sweeper, but not often; and most importantly, ramp into crests or cylixes, or fixing for cylixes.
Waystone Gate - this card has been incredibly useful as a threat, and pulling power out of the deck, the opponent has to burn removal on this since they probably haven't used any until this point in the game.
Necessary Measures is primarily for grabbing Elysian Pathfinder or one of your Maktos that earns echo, but also good removal after you board wipe several times.
Nullblade is here as void hate, and a win condition, works exceptionally well against opposing Maktos.
Worldpyre is one of my top 3 favorite cards, playing well with Petition, and Evenhanded Golem. Any card you can cast for 4 power that costs more than 4 power, is advantage. I do not want to skew the deck towards a heavier top end, but this card makes a great curve flatenner. DO NOT FORGET you can use it to play additional power from your hand like I tend to!!
Harsh Rule is a necessary board cleaner, do not be afraid to use it after you cast a Makto or two to help protect them, and put echo food back into your deck.
Inquisitor Makto - we only get one of these, so try not to play it until it gets echo, or you have a devour to back it up.
End of the Story is another great sweeper, and if you swing a cultist, 8/8, or Pathfinder into death, you get to remove aegis units!
Elysian Pathfinder is strictly here to give Makto echo, or be Devour food.
Makto, Valorous Savior Is another Makto, whose revenge also never ends, I find he runs into silence often, but if he doesn't, not being able to lose to damage is an incredible subtext.

Confiscate is an idea against opposing Worldpyre, and acts as card draw. Probably replaceable.
Shen-Ra Speaks is nice access to '4' additional board wipes, and silence against problem decks.
Silent Hysteria is an idea against obnoxious units/voids and gives you influence for Worldpyre.
Stronghold's Visage is my buddies favorite card in the deck, and is a good option if you are low on health and the opponent doesn't have a full hand.
Vital Arcana is in here because I like additional card draw, even though with this deck it will probably be 2 more power cards.

Any and all advise is welcome, please give the deck a shot, and be patient.


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Influence Requirements
3 2 3

Power Sources
13 13 17 17

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2 26 29 14

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3 13 38 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Homecoming [Set1005]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]


November 19, 2020


Eternal Version
Bastion Rising

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coandco Eternal Version: 20.11.06
I've been playing this in Casual and am 4-0 so far. Thanks for the deck!
chaostehjace Eternal Version: 20.11.06
Glad you are enjoying it! If you run into a common problem or archetype the deck is weak against, let me know. I know the deck will have weaknesses, but if we can make changes to beat common ones, we can improve it. A lot of the time the problem is drawing the answers the deck already has.