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Stonescar Minotaur

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This list is a modified version of ItsTenz's ``Stonescar Big Wheel.''

I want to add some cards from Behemoths of Thera, like Sadistic Grimalkin, Feed the Hecaton, and of course Stonescar Cylix. In addition, I want to replace the draw machine The Big Wheel by Auric Interrogator. This list has Blackhall Warleader, Vine Grafter, Spiteful Strike, Gift of the Auric Bank, Syl's Stronghold, and Statuary Maiden can buff the interrogator, and the interrogator synergies very well with Feed the Hecaton.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
18 26 18

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Deck Rarities
13 26 23 2 12

Card Types
27 2 24 1 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


January 24, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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maslovk Eternal Version: 23.01.25
One of the AI features for today - it rarely has relic removal and a lot of unit removal. Especially for a 3-health mono-faction 4-attack non-hero unit (I think, it's a c-c-c-combo for gauntlent removals). So I'm glad you have fun with this deck and hope it'll work well for you, but I'll stick with It's Tenz's biuld. The only thing I'm thinking about is to replace Annihilate with Dangerous Gambit with so many Lifesteal options.
TravelFox Eternal Version: 23.01.25
Thanks for the opinion. I have tested The Big Wheel a lot. In my point of view, it is a win-more card (since it usually cost one turn to play), and it brings advantages too slow. Suppose you play this card at turn 4, you draw an additional card at turn 5 (which gives you zero card advantage since you spend one card already), and give you 1 card advantage at turn 6.
neolights2363 Eternal Version: 23.01.25
I like it. But I wanna fit the O. Longbow in. It’s too good.
TravelFox Eternal Version: 23.01.25
Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try.