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did you say RAKDOS midrange??? we call it STONESCAR 'round these parts...

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this deck absolutely rips and tears...
crazy efficient stat line creatures that shouldn't be allowed
tons of plunder to forever avoid mana flood/screw
plenty of market access for your get out of jail free cards
big lifesteal keeps your body healthy (when paired with a balanced diet)

the unchangeable two sizes too small heart of the deck is Spiritweaver, Syl, Cabal Strongarm, Champion of Chaos, Raniya, Miviox Maniac, and Unstable Hellion. everything else revolves around supporting that core structure. if you're missing any of the above cards i recommend not using the deck.

flex slots are Darkblade Cutpurse, Murgo the Bone Guy, Furious Accusation, Kerendon Merchant, and Vara, Vengeance-Seeker. i think these cards are close to best in slot for their respective uses but they can be replaced with budget shit like...

creatures -- Ripknife Assassin, Cabal Slasher, Bloodsucking Skeeter, Vorpal Cutter, Impending Doom, Memory Dredger, Clan Huntcaller

removal -- Victimless Crime, Dangerous Gambit, Desecrate, Deathstrike, and Open Contract

draw/recursion -- Dark Return, Devour

your market is the 250lb toolbox in your garage that you haven't moved in 15 years; put whatever the hell you want in there, i'm sure you'll find what you need if you dig around enough.

yeah yeah this deck was sort of inspired by TravelFox's "Overwhelming Xo" but let's be real, this is just 5 power rakdos good stuff that builds itself

EDIT: market update -- swapped Dangerous Gambit for Spiteful Strike and Mogen, Demagogue for Bandit Queen. our 1 toughness units feel pretty bad sometimes, especially against decks that produce a lot of 1/1 chump blockers (and because our board wipe kills most of our units as well). spiteful strike paired with skullmarket's fast access has been clutch for swinging bad blocks into our favor (especially with cutpurse), though i'm not fully convinced there isn't a better card for this slot (maybe Lethrai Target Caller?).
i was mostly testing mogen and he proved to be a little too slow and unreliable, the AI often end up with no cards in hand by the time he gets played. bandit queen, however, makes for insane game ending swings the turn she hits the board.


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Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
18 23 16

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Deck Rarities
6 29 21 13 6

Card Types
36 0 18 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]

Aggro Midrange

February 8, 2024

February 6, 2024


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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 8, 2024



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