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Big Combrei - Argent Depths Edition

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Alternative title: I Wish Sword of Unity Was In Expedition (mostly for the lifesteal)

Midrange big beats is the name of the game, and Svetya, Lightbringer can boost all the units in your deck to an absurd degree given the amount of double-influence cards you can drop. Friendly Wisp and Nahid's Distillation draw you into extra threats when the game goes on further. When things go late, grab Grodov's Burden from the market, and suddenly all your units are absurdly sticky (especially Dawnwalker).

This deck has some struggles against Shadow fliers and (as is typical) aggro with a good curve whilst your deck isn't cooperating. Sandstorm Titan and From Anguish help a lot in these matchups, but be VERY careful when dropping a Gentle Grazer and you have the only 5 attack unit(s), because From Anguish can affect your own units and if it gets pulled by Grazer, it MUST be played.

Market options:
- Swirl the Sands is important removal for tricky fliers/relics. Very important when you don't draw SST and/or can't pull Grodov's Burden
- Worldly Cleric is some lifegain against getting burned out in the latter stages of the game (which shadow decks can do with Feartracker and Silverblade Menace). Haven't actually played this yet, will need further testing
- Ubsat the Savior can absolutely smack the enemy if they stumble, but only works if you have the influence (hence being in the market). Very fun watching silenced units get played out by a sad opponent
- Grodov's Burden wins you the game from a stall, comes down and eats a thing, and almost all your cards are mono-faction units so there are tons of hits in the deck for the active ability
- Shen-Ra Speaks because sometimes you just really, really need a sweeper, even though you do need to jump through a few loops to get it

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Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
5 3

Power Sources
18 15 8

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Deck Rarities
9 25 17 16

Card Types
38 1 16 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]


June 26, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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Revisions (Since last major patch) June 26, 2020


Ravager Edited Eternal Version: 20.06.26
From Anguish doesn't work with Gentle Grazer. Forced to kill my own units half the time.
Sunsfury Eternal Version: 20.06.26
This is why I made a comment that you have to be VERY careful when dropping your grazers. Both feel necessary to include, am looking for alternatives.
OneAntic Eternal Version: 20.06.26
Maindeck Edict of Kodosh will still help vs. shadow and most aggro lists, but if you end up forced to cast it on your own unit the downside isn't quite as huge. Desert Marshal is another nice option.
Ravager Edited Eternal Version: 20.06.26
Not worth locking yourself into those kind of situations IMO. Better to just run spells that can give your big/deadly units killer or your Grazer deadly. Both work well with Dawnwalkers also.