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Kindle the wind

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It's my attempt to make South-Wind Herald work, using kindle. The deck clearly isn't viable as such but it is a good starting point I think and it is quite fun to play. Here are some of the important things to note :

-It's not a control deck, the goal is not to build Avatar of the wind and you shouldn't sit passively waiting for it to be built, if you don't pressure damages you will not win.

-There are two very obvious weakness that makes the deck quite bad if you want to reliably climb the ladder with it :
1) It has no real answer to Sandstorm Titan, even though it's heavily based on flyers. In actual fact the only real answer is Unstable Form which can lead to even worse situations (even though honestly most 5 drops are weaker than Sandstorm Titan, you don't want to end up vs Inquisitor Makto)
2) It's running units that are overall weak which means that having a sub optimal hand will often lead to a loss.

Now that the fact that the deck isn't really good is out of the way, let's get to what you can do and how fun it is to build avatar of the wind on turn 4 when you actually get those nuts draw :

Permafrost,Torch : Those are your two removal, use them wisely. Nothing really important here except you should indentify fast which cards are a threat and which are ok to let live. Flyers should be put out of the sky before turn 6 to let your West-Wind Herald strike so always pay attention to what flyers your opponent might play.

Unstable Form : This card synergize well with North-Wind Herald, it also can make Skyward Seer a far more serious threat, can recycle Whispering Wind or West-Wind Herald in case of emergency, or even get rid of an opponent's card. Don't underestimate it. It's a really important card to make your deck threatening.

South-Wind Herald, East-Wind Herald : Don't be too conservative with those two, their role is to trigger spark, if you let them sit there doing nothing you will lose.

Kindle,Swindle : That's the meat of the deck, you should trigger Kindle to play a 3 mana Swindle. That's a more complicated way to play wisdom of the elder, but it's actually way more flexible than this. Kindle can be played unsparked to ramp into a Crimson Firemaw, or kept to later be played with Skyward Seer and instantly put a flyer for your choice in play. Another really good thing it does is trigger North-Wind Herald allowing to play it on top of the card draw, What it means is that you can also have nut draws and sometime build avatar of the wind really early.
Here is an exemple of how you can do that early : T2 East-Wind Herald => T3 Kindle into West-Wind Herald => T4 west wind trigger Kindle into Swindle which trigger North-Wind Herald and you still have mana left to play South-Wind Herald => avatar of the wind into Swindle. At this point you most probably won.

Crimson Firemaw : Worth noting that he curve really well into Swindle because you'll most likely draw something you can play thanks to the cost reduction. He also can be played on 3 with an unsparked Kindle, he'll most likely get killed but if he doesn't that's dangerous for your opponent. It's also the only card in the deck that isn't overcosted for it's statline, so don't hesitate to focus on playing it with Skyward Seer if you need a real body.

Skyward Seer : Quite straightforward but helps a lot building avatar of the wind when it's possible. It can fetch all units in the deck so it's really versatile here. And also provide a body that can be evolved into a decent blocker. In most deck it wouldn't be good because it's quite overcosted, but here with kindle to make dumb plays the value of those kind of cards skyrocket.

West-Wind Herald : Your most important card in the mid game. You'll most often want to play Swindle with it, but of course you can go the complete opposite way and play Kindle and that's where the magic of the deck happen, you need cards? you get cards! You need to be able to play those card you just drawn? Well you have tons of power for it! You need to do both? Pray for a chain of kindle and swindle in your draws then, otherwise you most likely are not in a good spot!
It can also play Unstable Form on itself if you are desperate for a body, but keep in mind that it has aegis, that means it's the most likely candidate to stay on board to start your avatar of the wind, it's also the one costing the most. Don't hesitate to play this one but hold onto the rest, it's actually quite easy in this deck to play the other three herald in one turn, so even if you shouldn't start with the assumption that you are going to build avatar of the wind, if you need to start somewhere, it's definitely with West-Wind Herald

And finally North-Wind Herald : Don't forget that he triggers on spell launch, not on spell resolution, meaning you can only Unstable Form one per turn. Ohter than that he is quite straightforward 3/2 body but really help stabilize your board presence when you can play it after turn 3 Kindle into Swindle. It will also most of the time be your main damage dealer during the game, make sure to pressure your opponent health with it to force him to play defensively, if you let your opponents play units they will be bigger than yours so you really don't want to race for life in those conditions. Force your opponent to make slower play to give time to the magic of West-Wind Herald to happen.

The last card I didn't mention is Whispering Wind : It's here for two reasons. 1) You can always have East wind herald and it's the closest to it. Turn 2 flyer is really important in this deck so you should definitely consider that before removing it. 2) You need a lot of specific different cards to make the deck work, so it can solve that by replacing excess duplicates. In particular Kindle, if you see a hand with two kindle you usually want to avoid it, but if you have one or two Whispering Wind in hand then you should definitely consider it, you can replace Kindle with a higher cost card, which in this deck means all the cards you'd want to hit with your other kindle except North-Wind Herald

I think that's about all I can say about this deck, really it's simply a mess of bad cards that fit together quite well into a really fun experience. Don't expect to win too often, but when you'll win you will really feel the satisfaction of setting the winds on fire!

Edit : I removed a skyward seer and added a mirror image which is supposed to be an OTK with avatar of the wind. Couldn't try that yet, but mirror image definitely doesn't work well as more than a 1 or 2 of in the deck.
Also I still have trouble figuring out the power base, I kinda want to include diplomatic seal but both double primal and double fire are really important and because of kindle speeding things up should be obtained as early as possible. Diplomatic seal can sometime be a little treacherous in those situations so I'm reluctant to add it to the list.


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The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


October 11, 2017

October 8, 2017


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The Tale of Horus Traver

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Hebbes Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Needs Mirror Image for instant win combo. Avatar comes in copies mirror image making another avatar copying mirror image. Repeat until opponent is dead from the summon. The summon triggers the cast a card when hit opponent ability. At least that's what I've been told.
Laezar2 Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Interesting. I guess it's not unthinkable to play one mirror image in the deck, and if you use your first avatar to kindle that means it's actually very easy to play even if you wasted all your ressources to summon it. Honestly the deck was more meant as a proof of concept rather than something playable, you definitely should tweak it to your needs. But I will add a copy of mirror image to the list to get the idea accross.
Hebbes Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Basically what I meant was that Mirror Image is an instant kill combo once you get your Avatar of the Winds.
Laezar2 Eternal Version: 1.25.1
I understand but still the deck is meant to be playable even when not building avatar of the wind. Because it's simply impossible to do reliably yet. That being said I just tested it and it works well enough, whispering wind allows to get the mirror image in your void which allows to get rid of it without having to actually play it. So it's not that bad of an addition actually.