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A Tribute to Keelo

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So, here's the thing: Keelo, Bold Innovator is a sweet card, and a powerful value engine. So is Evenhanded Golem. So, what do you get if you mash the two together? Piles and piles of sweet, sweet vaaaaaalue. Been playing in Masters to roughly even results - most losses are to Skycrag Yetis, hence the removal package, but there's also been a decent amount of the mirror (where Defile is pretty necessary to kill opposing Keelos).

One other nice perk of Keelo is that she's an excellent Tribute enabler, turning on Aeva, Eilyn's Elite, Aurapiercer, and Sheriff Marley. Even better, the Cloudsnake Hatchlings that Aeva gives you can be Keelo'd back into more Evenhanded Golems! A beautiful cycle, and one of the stronger synergies in the deck. Keelo is very capable of taking over a game if left unchecked, which is pretty good for a 2-drop.

The other units are largely chosen based on whether they have an even (preferably 2, but occasionally 0) number of battle skills and how much value they can generate. After that, a bit of ramp so we can activate Keelo more often (and play out all the cards we're drawing), and a pile of removal to deal with aggro. It may be appropriate to adjust the removal package depending on what you're running into.

Still an early build - Whispers of the Throne only came out today. I'm not entirely convinced that Felrauk the Outcast and Mokhnata, Restored should be in here, but Svetya, Merciful Orene is gas despite not being super heavy into Justice - both giving future Keelos Aegis (so she actually lives more consistently) and letting us cash in Evenhanded Golems and Blightmoth Shades for enormous Icaria, Valkyrie Captains.


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3 3 3

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14 12 14 15

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6 21 20 1 17

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34 0 16 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]


April 1, 2020

March 31, 2020


Eternal Version
Whispers of the Throne

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Hanoth Eternal Version: 1.51.3
Tried it for half a dozen games and found it inconsistent. When it combo's it's great but seems more like a work in progress then a fully developed deck. Nice idea though :)
imestr8 Eternal Version: 1.51.3
I had a very similar first pass to the Keelo/Golem concept as you did here. But I leaned a bit more heavily into justice.
Then I tried Vara as the big payoff, with a few different dragons in the 4 and 6 slots that work very nicely. Karvet is also very similar to aeva, in that you can use the "token" to get a Golem, but Karvet can also be sacrificed to Keelo. I kept having lots of issues when I included creatures that I could not sacrifice to Keelo.

I just posted my Vara version if you want to check it out.
mookie Eternal Version: 1.51.3
I ran into a Karvet + Vara version on ladder and was forced to remember that Karvet triggers off ALL dragons you have... which includes Black Sky Harbinger and Aurapiercer, plus Darktalon Wyvarch as an enabler in the 4-drop slot. Karvet + Vara is also a really sweet interaction. So, I'm actually testing this variant out now.
imestr8 Eternal Version: 1.51.3
Darktalon Wyvarch is a pretty fantastic 4 slot addition. It has aegis, it breaks the opponent's aegis, always has two abilities for keelo, is returned by Vara and is a dragon for Karvet's ability
Reyemile Eternal Version: 1.51.3
Been playing this deck for a bit on gauntlet to test it out. My findings:

You really, really want Strategize. Not only does it help you find your Keelo's early, it also sticks your random 8-cost duders back into the deck where Keelo can get them.

Copperhall Porter is not good. Its body is close to useless; feeding it to Keelo doesn't bump you up the ladder; and I'm often running out of Justice Sigils because of Icaria.

Felrauk is almost never what you want to be doing.

Ripknife Assissin is strong defensively and offensively and lets you ramp up the Keelo curve, but I ended up using Stalwart Silverwing in the Porter slot instead. It's a little easier to play since the influence is slightly imbalanced towards Justice, and more importantly, it ups the Svetya-boost count.
Comment Deleted
Serus Eternal Version: 1.51.2
Any ideas on a suitable replacement for Felrauk?
mookie Eternal Version: 1.51.2
More Aurapiercers or Black Sky Harbingers would be my first suggestion. Slimespitter Slug and Eloz, Martial Scholar are the other cards I've considered. You could also try a somewhat different build with Caiphus, Wandering King and Last Chance / Immortalize.
clubtryhard Eternal Version: 1.51.2
hey mookie whats your gamertag in Eternal?
mookie Eternal Version: 1.51.2
Caladynus2 Eternal Version: 1.51. 1
Svetya seems odd, considering you only have about 7 units it buffs
mookie Eternal Version: 1.51. 1
11, actually (she also buffs Keelo). But yeah, no arguments here. I think she functions better than you'd think due to Keelo's ability to fetch out units, but I'm definitely open to a different finisher. Still, only 1 deck slot, so not a huge commitment.
d34thp0odle Eternal Version: 1.51.2
have you thought about using big vara ? will also get you keelos back
Carlos Eternal Version: 1.51. 1
The fact that Blightmoth can't actually be used to get anything from the deck seems kind of sub-optimal, wouldn't Siraf be a better card for that slot if Svetya is in the deck?
sto650 Eternal Version: 1.51. 1
Copperhall porters and 1x Felrauk should probably be swapped out for 3x Tranquil Scholar. Scholar can give Blightmoth an extra battle skill, allowing it to be sacrificed for a 4-drop. Scholar can also give an extra battle skill to Aeva, allowing her to be sacrificed for a 6-drop.
mookie Eternal Version: 1.51. 1
I'm actually just testing Blightmoth as a removal spell here - was running into a ton of Skycrag Yetis on ladder. It can't be Keelo'd, but its Shade can, which is occasionally relevant. Siraf, Grand Strategist may be worth testing though. I wouldn't run her specifically because of Svetya (that feel a bit too win-more), but may be nice to have another speed bump vs aggro. Hmmm...

I don't think Tranquil Scholar makes sense here, since it itself can't be chained into another card, which sort of defeats the purpose of running it in the first place.
sto650 Edited Eternal Version: 1.51. 1
If you Tranquil Scholar a Tranquil Scholar, it can. Adding them does give you at least one unit that cannot be Keelo'd. However, right now, you have 7 units that cannot be Keelo'd (8, if you include Marley). Also, you need to edit the end of your guide text to make it clear that the actual Blightmoth cannot pull Icaria ... only a shade can. And honestly, good luck getting your opponent to kill off a Blightmoth for you.
Comment Deleted
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.51. 1
Not an even cost unit.