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Skycrag Sashenka Control

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As you might already have noticed, Primal Control decks have become viable once again on Expedition now that they have got a proper finisher in Sashenka. I have previously tried both the Hooru and Feln version, but ended up having the best results with this. Not saying that it is the best possible choice, but there is not very much solid relic removal in Hooru at the moment and Barbarian Guerillas make up for it quite nicely. Also, I would much rather play Riva, Crimson Blur rather than Feln's Blackmaw Carnosaur anytime as it can still bring some value even if it eats a spot removal. Had to omit Boundless Knowledge in favor of the other, better 4-drops. Eilyn, Hand of the Tempest is very good againts other Primal control decks and Riva/Hive pumps it up!

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Influence Requirements
2 4

Power Sources
10 15 8 8

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Deck Rarities
10 14 22 8 12

Card Types
24 2 24 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


August 6, 2022


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Mooper Eternal Version: 22.07.01
Any thoughts on musket as a way to deal with enemy plunks and potentially highroll on our own stuff? 3 power rivas, 5 power sashenkas, 1 power guerillas, etc
Marten Eternal Version: 22.07.01
The idea did indeed occur to me, but I think that outside of killing Plunk, it does not have much of use as a removal and that bothers me. The random effect is not really worth it by itself imo. If I were to indeed go the way of dealing with Plunk better, I would much rather play Jeering Yeti as a blocker that I can at least Inscribe if the opponent plays nothing to block like that.