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Faithful Return

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Built a Deck originally meant to attempt to synergize Valley Whisperer into Nahid's Faithful, ended up making one which enables the bulding of a balanced board of units, and keep them safe from removals, while, with help of the new Recovery card, even benefiting from doing so. Of course Devour still exists, and the deck features 11 cards which draw or summon from the void total, so it's not the only way.

Another might want to build in removal over counter-removal, and maybe run some extra Golden Horn Security, which work out fine either way. In a focus on the Golden Horn Security, I'd advice adding Collection Rounds as well, which would provide sacrifice targets for Nahid's Faithful and Devour in addition to it's natural Security synergy, and also enable closing out a match by utilizing taunt.

That is not to say that this deck necessarily need this kind of tweaking. If you're fine with focusing on your hand, your units and your board over what the opponent is doing, this one's fun to play, imho.

Thanks to a ton of Lifesteal, comparatively for expedition, I expect it to work well against Fire/Ice Damage focus, while keeping consistency with Stutterstep and the aforementioned Recovery.

Deck won 2 times right now, but I am low in Expedition ranking. Overall though, I'm happy how the Deck turned out.

The Obstinate Rat also exists mainly for Whisperer synergy, but I couldn't confirm yet if Obstinate Rat A can lift Obstinate Rat B's floating non-attack non-block effect. If it doesnt, there'd certainly be better options for early game, but midcurve it definetly could fill a board with some 4/3 stats regardless with just the Whisperer in place.

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2 2

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18 17 9

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23 24 8 6

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26 0 26 0 26

Combo Midrange

March 15, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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