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Insects eat all #2

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Built a better version, deck has no promo cards, and there's so many different ways to win, don't be scared to throw out a hecaton with only 2 other creatures, cause there going to waste there spells to try and kill those 2 so hecaton sacrifices himself so what u still get to draw 3-5 cards and gain that much life, also don't be afraid to trade a blackmaw carnosaur to kill a opponents creature to gain life n wipe it out, most battles I'm allways less then 10 life n I usually come back from that point you run the poacher in the market because you don't need it destroyed by hunt, and honestly it's not a death card, a myridon queen with a hecaton out and martyrs chain to see hecaton become a 20/20 or the queen putting out 3 ants then they go from 3/3 to 6/6 to 12/12s is game over for them one of the meanest games I played against someone was having the martyrs chain out with a myridon elite 4/4 to 8/8 to 16/16 lifelink. Martyrs chain is way more important than the poacher because every time a land is dropped you kill a opponents creature on top of hecaton making them sacrifice and queen making more ants to feed him there is so many possibilities to win with this deck. There are a lot of battles where I'll be at 10 health opponent 25 I drop a blackmaw carnosaur or hecaton and they just concede because they used all there cards to get me down to that much life the fact I can gain it back so quick makes them give up, try out this deck I've seen versions that run 4 queens and hecatons and I disagree scornful elite can take out aegis creatures and slow down black red charge, but running 4 of both has made me where sometimes I won't get enough mana for them or I'll be left with to much high casting cost stuff to early in the beginning in my hand which is game over dont be afraid to waste a hecaton every now and then you need to refill your hand. the deck works great exactly how it is as for market Wildlands is there to get rid of spear so ziat and pitboss can target there hand and let u make them sacrifice 2 creatures by exhausting a rat or elite, they play another spear well lighthoof is there and can make creature unblocked to win, resonance is there to let u directly target a relic instead of them choosing what to sacrifice for no promo cards it's a very good deck I like this versions best

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4 3

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20 20 12

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7 19 25 13

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28 8 16 0 28


September 18, 2023


Eternal Version
The Devouring

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