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REANIMATE corpses with ONE simple TRICK!!! (frankenstein hates it!)

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it really is a simple trick -- mill your deck, get Grasping at Shadows from the market, reanimate Vara, Fate-Touched, into Azindel, Revealed, win.
or you can mill, play Katra, The First Seal to ramp, then hard cast any big bomb.

DISCLAIMER: this isn't a gauntlet grinder! it's very powerful, explosive, and fun but it's a combo deck at heart which means it can be inconsistent. i've certainly gone on long win streaks with it (21-0 a couple times) but sometimes you get mana screwed and die, nothing you can do about it. also, it's very expensive to craft, so only make it if you have a lot of the cards already or have a ton of expendable shiftstone (there are a lot of better decks that can be made for far less).

this list is pretty tight, so not much can be changed without the deck feeling worse.
Exploit can be 2 extra power (playing power every turn is very important)
Fear can be Shoaldredger (but your mana will be worse)
Icaria, First Reaper can be another big shadow bomb like Shadowlands Tyrant, Umbren Reaper, Krull, Xumuc Occultist, Huntersbane, or Slimespitter Slug

almost everything else is mandatory. you need a critical mass of mill, market access, and game ending bombs while also making sure you hit your power every turn and can play enough low cost units in the early game to keep yourself alive.

Last Chance -- useful to pull out katra to play her on curve, otherwise this is the market flex slot (could run Xenan Temple or Dizo's Office)
Saloon Massacre -- staple shadow board wipe
Banish -- versatile emergency spot removal
Curtain Call -- this thing is an absolute beast of a card. it's fast so Skullmarket Delivery turns it into a combat trick that completely ruins the opponent, the lifesteal can come in clutch if you're falling behind against aggro, it has revenge (it'll get milled away sometimes but you shouldn't even need to play it twice), and you can pair it with saloon massacre for a 1 sided board wipe as early as turn 5. there might be a better card than this for the market but i just have too much fun playing it.
Grasping at Shadows -- this makes the deck work


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 6

Power Sources
16 23 16 2

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Deck Rarities
14 18 23 20

Card Types
32 4 19 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]

Combo Midrange

February 11, 2024


Eternal Version
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