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Never Ending Turn

Throne Deck By


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The goal of this deck is to play all your cards with destiny and nuke the life points of your enemy while you are at it.

1)To start the combo you need to get access to your market, there are a total of 16 cards which can do that: Time Etchings; Auralian Merchant; East Annex Smuggler; Ebon Dune Smuggler (4 copies each).
Get Talir, Who Sees Beyond from your market.

2)To continue your combo you have 3 different ways:

8 power; 3 time influence: play Talir, Who Sees Beyond and get a merchant from your void with Last Chance which gets played since it has destiny

9 power; 4 time influence: play Talir, Who Sees Beyond and get access to the market with a Time Etchings

11 power; 3 time influence: play Talir, Who Sees Beyond and a merchant to get acces to the market

To reach the amount of power you need, there are some cards that can help:

Display of Destruction: this card gives you an additionally 3 power if you sacrifice an unit, it is also the fastest way to get your combo going in combination with Auralian Merchant and Last Chance

Reactor Forge: this card let you reach 8-11 power way faster

Trail Maker: gives you 1 power and helps fixing for influence

Voice of the Speaker: indirectly it doubles your power, but most of the time it just helps to make your final combo better

Ramba, Arena Showman: indirectly helps you by lowering the cost of your cards and gives you a potentially draw

Grodov's Stranger: plays a power upon summon and is also very important for the final combo

3) after having Talir, Who Sees Beyond on the field and acces to your market get Kairos, Grand Champion you will draw at least 6 cards, more than that since all units will be played, this should be enough to get another access to your market

4) on your third visit in your market get Vodakhan, Temple Speaker now nearly all your cards have destiny, at this point Voice of the Speaker is rly helpfull since it gets you double the amount of draws/plays from each power card.

5)if you get another access to your market get Unraveler of Destinies and sacrifice all units apart from Talir, Who Sees Beyond, Kairos, Grand Champion and Vodakhan, Temple Speaker, so you get some room on your field again and more units get played rather than discarded

if your enemy didn't die upon the nuke damage from Kairos, Grand Champion, we are playing 1 copie of Shrine to Karvet so you can just A-space and finish like that, if you have a Grodov's Stranger on the board you can even shuffle your void back in your deck so you dont loose at the end of the turn, in the case (which really never happend before) you didn't won yet.

Turn Back Time is just in there in the case you discard a card which you need to win the game, for example Shrine to Karvet

I might change some cards in the future, if i think something works better, or new cards get released



Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 3 3 2

Power Sources
14 24 14 22

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Deck Rarities
5 22 37 8

Card Types
32 5 13 0 30

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Awakening [Set1095]


June 4, 2021


Eternal Version

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