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TPS Token Dredge

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This is something I came up with when looking for the best Nahid's Faithful / Shadowlands Guide / Xenan Temple shell. It's performing pretty solidly against "meta" decks (whatever those are right now), though it has some consistency issues. I think there's something here though, so I'm sharing it for other people to tinker with. It's basically a hybrid of a Feln discard aggro deck and a Xenan tokens deck.

The game plan might be obvious, but you want to drop free idiots on the board, cycle through your deck fast, feed dorks to Nahid's Faithful, beat face with Nahid's Faithful and Bloodseeker and flyers, use Shadowlands Guide to recur said 1-drops, and rinse/repeat. Compared to Feln discard aggro, it's less aggressive, due to having a third color and the exclusion of Felrauk the Outcast and Icy Gaze, but I think it has more ability to grind late game and deal with problematic boards, thanks to Worthy Cause, Sodi's Spellshaper and Xenan Temple.

Card Choices:
Just as with the Feln discard aggro decks, I'm pretty confident that zero market is correct. You're running so much main deck cycling, that your card selection is already powerful and you have built-in flood protection, so merchants feel more like bad 3-drops. In a similar vein, I'm running a few less emblems than I otherwise would, since the deck has built-in cycling for excess land, and depleted seats hurt your tempo quite a bit. Anyway, these things can definitely be tweaked.

As far as discard outlets, I'm definitely happy with Gustrider, Whispering Wind, and Lightning Sprite. I keep dancing between Herald's Song and Master Cartographer as the last one. When you're actually playing the card, Master Cartographer is better, since you're getting the same value in amount of cardboard but also getting a 2/1 in tempo. However, when you're discarding these to one of your other three outlets, the double cardboard you get from Herald's Song is excellent. Basically, Herald's Song's floor is a tad worse (when you have to actually play it), but it's ceiling is better (when you don't play it, haha).

Anyway, let me know if you come up with any innovations for it that I missed.

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October 13, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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