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Legend of Argenport Hero

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In an attempt to make a viable Expedition Version of my prefered Deck-color and Archetype (if you can call Max Battle Skills into HotP and Archetype) I first created a messy Deck that didn't know what it was going for. After some testings and losses, and the aquisition of some missing cards, I present

The Legend of Argenport Hero

The Hero of the People is one of my favorite cards to try and focus Decks around. Oftentimes I have learned new things about mechanics and deckbalancing by attempting and sometimes succeeding in the creation of a competitive Deck.

Was very glad to find the Card Warrenborn Mistral, a common one-drop with flying and Aegis. In a situation without the Hero of the People in play, Morbid Deal and Reinvigorate opens nice early game opportunities. Even Monarch Cloak into this little bugger on turn 3 can already make a hard to deal with 3/3 Aegis flyer. Especially Satisfying if the silencing target of the Cloak was an enemy Flyer standing in the way.

With The HotP and Mistral in Hand, and 4 Mana, a relatively safe play can be made to contest the board. If the Mistral is on the Field and the HotP in Hand and one has Mana to spare, Devour into Through The Unknown into play can still achieve a contesting of the Board. If the HotP is already on the field, with the Mistral but without her effects, that combo play can be achieved with only 4 Mana.
Devour Mistral->Through the Unknown->Play Mistral.

That wasn't enough consistency for me for my good girl, so I uncovered the new uncommon Ziat's Recruitment. With this played on Turn 2 and a Tenski Mercenary on Turn 3, even if stuck at 3/3 Mana, attacking with the Mercenary on Turn 4, which should result in something (non-soldier) dying, one can play the Hero on the field safely, as at the end of the turn a 1/2 Aegis Soldier will appear. Itself a 1-drop, drawn from the void can also allow for the same thing.

Direfang Spider Is there for some early game combat and to buy time, I want to emphasize though that a 2/2 Deadly Hero and a 1/1 Deadly spider can very well halt aggression. In these situations one should sometimes give up on the Hero, at least for the time being, it did its part if it took an enemy threat with it.

Scornful Elite enables not only survival against charge as well as easier attacking into enemies, but is also Key in an Aegis Mirror.

Argenport Adept would at first not be considered to work well with Ziat, but while he doesn't have staying power, his Taunt and Ability make it likely to choose an enemy to die on your turn that isn't a Soldier (which can't trigger Ziat). Also good for witteling down enemy stats.

The rest of the Deck is focused on providing as much variety, both in effect and Battle skills on the units, as possible while staying effective. Some avid Deckmaster could probably easily find ways to improove this towards competing with the current meta, with cards I most likely am unaware of or simply don't have. The Legendary General Fiera comes to mind, the Mistral being able to shut down a big airthreat with her in place.

As a final Mention Black Book, Pit Boss can very well carry his own weight, and if the Warcry 2 wasn't enough, he acts as a discard for the enemy hand and is quite good at it. originally I wanted to have Souleater Blade for him, as he can do wonders with that thing, decided against it, as the deck doesn't really focus on other inate Pit Boss synergies, and also, because I wanted to try out the New Prey card, which can work as an alternative to the Hero of the People, and can prevent silencing/removal of the accumulated Battleskills by simply absorbing them.

This Deck doesn't require all its Blue and Yellow cards, and should definetly still function well without a bunch of them. The Offbook Officer is however a boon for her versatility, being able to contest a board, and synergizing well with an already present Hero of the People, providing both Double Damage an Aegis, in addition to her Silencing ability.

(Nevermind btw. The Offbook officer is Uncommon, not Rare as I thought. I should mention though that In Service is the only easily accessible Revival outside of Through the Unknown, in Expedition. However, it doesn't work on the Hero of the People, so if you keep it in, then with a grain of salt.)

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March 16, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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