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Mucking Up Gauntlet

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This is the latest list I've been messing around with in Gauntlet. My [Masters] Exploiting Even Argenport has been performing pretty consistently, but it just feels kind of slow sometimes, so I wanted a different Argenport list. Here I tried to see how much I can abuse the unholy couple of Moldermuck and Tarra, Ever Loyal, and it turned out to be a ton of fun.

Some key synergies to try to exploit:

Moldermuck + Tarra, Ever Loyal - when each Moldermuck copy gets warcry 2, the units in your deck grow very quickly.

Moldermuck + Unfinished Business - this is essentially "give Moldermuck +4/+4". Even more effective if you used Fearless Crescendo on Moldermuck to fetch it.

Inspiring Leadership - if you managed to buff a Moldermuck, then each copy that gets played will buff another one of your units. Or if you stacked a bunch of warcry from Tarra, Ever Loyal, then you can reset/buff a Moldermuck again. The deck generates of plenty of tokens, so there is never a shortage of good targets. Even without buffed units, there are a few valkyries with high starting stats that can buff the rest of your units.

The rest of the list should be pretty straightforward. Use valkyrie synergy, take advantage of warp, and make good use of removal.


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Influence Requirements
5 2

Power Sources
25 18 18

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Deck Rarities
3 25 23 3 19

Card Types
33 1 18 3 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


May 16, 2021


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Shoogoo Eternal Version: 21.05.18
Cool deck! Any cards from the Revelations set that you think might fit it?
arcade Eternal Version: 21.05.18
I was excited to try endless step in this, but unfortunately it appeared to be broken. The buff does not switch to your newest played unit. I will try that again when it gets fixed.
Tugduald Eternal Version: 21.03.23
I like your deck very much but I just have one Rolant, Iron Tyrant and one Lord Steyer's Tower, so my deck is less powerfull.
I made a change, I put Counsel of Heroes in the market, the combo with Moldermuck is huge.
Thank you for your deck.
dbrugler Eternal Version: 21.05.18
Going to make this deck soon, what'd you swap it for in the market? Definitely want to play around with counsel of heroes