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Wispy Woods (Xenan Wisp Tribal)

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Props to Reddit user Gallowgrim for brewing a list which I heavily tweaked to make this one here.

I like weird tribal decks, and I was already messing with this one when DWD went and buffed it. After that, I played it more-or-less exclusively from Gold I to Master this month, and here we are. After experimenting with a Primal splash for Haunting Scream and flirting with the idea of dipping into Justice for Crownwatch Press-Gang, I decided to commit to pure Xenan for consistency's sake, and that's the version I've gotten the best results with.

I guess you'd call it an aggro combo deck. You win by playing Weary Spitelings and/or Pathlighters and recurring them until they get humongous, then killing your opponent with them.

Twelve recursion spells may seem like a lot, but this is a deck that lives or dies on its main gimmick, so I wanted as much redundancy as I could get. Your main threats get stronger every time they come back, and your opponent is going to run out of removal spells eventually. Silence hurts pretty badly, and if they're running Equivocate, there's not much you can do in response aside from be sad, but that's just the cost of doing business.

It must be said that I'm not an amazing player. I've never placed in a tournament, I don't make Master every month, and when I do, I've never hit triple digits. But I like to play fun decks, and this is a fun deck. Maybe you'll have fun with it too.

With all of that said, here's a few notes. Take them with a grain of salt.

* Always mulligan aggressively for wisps. You want bodies on the board ASAP.
* Pathlighter's Infiltrate ability is basically flavor text. It's nice when you can discount your Soulbringers, but don't hold out for it.
* Entrancer seems unassuming, but they do some serious work. Always silence Merchants when given the option to do so.
* Void Drummer might seem like a win more card, but I say it's a win exactly the right amount card. At worst, it's an inevitable clock if your opponent can't remove it. More frequently, it makes your threats snowball hard. An argument could be made for running three of them, but I like having four. That said, though, Drummer's a super niche card, so craft at your own risk. They're great in this deck but not in much else as of yet.
* Kerendon Merchant is a perfectly reasonable option in place of Ebon Dune Smuggler if you'd like, and having another Deadly unit to apply a Killer effect to is certainly nice, but being able to drop EDS on EOT and play the thing you grabbed on your next turn is very useful in a deck with such a low power curve.
* Feel free to swap out Annihilate depending on the meta, but four Banish is non-negotiable. Adjudicator's Gavel ruins your day hard, and having something in your maindeck that can dumpster it is a must.
* If you have the power to spare, don't forget to Dark Return your Soulbringer or Guide instead of your wisps for extra value!
* Xenan Temple is good, but don't hesitate to replace it if you're on a tight budget. I threw it in because I pulled one, it's not a make-or-break card.
* I've experimented with Magenta Wisp, and while it sounds good on paper, it's consistently underperformed for me. Feel free to try it if you want. Maybe you'll have better luck.
* Likewise, Memory Dredger may seem tempting, but the fact that it has to survive for a turn and then make contact before it does anything is a pretty big dealbreaker in my book. You want your wisps back immediately.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]

Aggro Combo

February 27, 2019

February 20, 2019


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RangerBob Eternal Version:
I've been playing this in Ranked since I had a couple of quests that involved Time. I really like your build and have about a 65% win rate with it so far...
GGCrono Eternal Version:
Glad you're enjoying it. :)
Superspeedsnail Eternal Version:
Nice deck!

I tweak it a bit since I dont have the wisps and the site yet.

Im using the merchants to get Weary Spiteling in market (I only have two Spiteling for now, dont worry I'll craft it). And in its place, Im using Xenan Lifespeaker. Same 1 cost, can give OK curve, good inspire, still have value reanimating it. With just a downside that its not a wisp making 1 of 3 reanimator wont work.

Kinda good in casual. people want to kill him like a plague. Oni Ronin "best buddy" in addition of other 1 cost early drops in the deck. eating another removal, spreading lifesteals to the zombie wisps, often becoming 7/7 in regular basis, nice mana soak. Disclaimer: I play casually so cant test it on high rank ladder.

Might be good 1 cost reanimate target in addition of those wisps.

Oh, and Xenan Cultist works. I think its better than drummer coz better stat (dodging Torch), dont have to wait to attack for the effect (dodging Permafrost), I dont want to risk him attacking anyway even with Unblockable (dodging Defiance). Those are three popular removal on the meta (Psst, its actually coz I dont have drummer too) Downside is that, he isnt a wisp that can be reanimated.

Also, Entrancer is super awesome thx. Silencing merchants and stuff is cool, but the best thing from it are the intel. Even if you hit nothing, you have means to know what deck they use from the first turn (if you familiar with the meta that is). I imagine its a valuable stuff in high rank ladder based on my experience laddering in other card game.
MissClicksForDays Edited Eternal Version:
Great deck! I was running this deck (Haunting Wisps v2.2) with Haunting Scream for a while and realized your choices with removal and consistency are great! No more Scream means no more Memory Dredger, but I still want The Praxis Arcanum, so I'm now running this: Woodsy Wisps? (don't mind the name inspiration 😉). Lemme know what you think!
GGCrono Eternal Version:
I've never been quite sure that Ephemeral Wisp did enough for the deck to be worth including, but if you can make it work for you, then more power to you. Likewise, I've never experimented with Arcanum - as I said, I only threw in Xenan Temple because I already had a copy - but I can definitely see some merit in it. I am by no means an authority on anything, just a guy who plays silly decks and stumbled onto one that actually won games. But for what it's worth, I think your list looks good. :)

Scarecrow9black Eternal Version:
My go to deck on the ladder right now. I recently have climbed to Diamond 1 with nearly this same list -2 void drummers and have been loving it so far. Thanks for the awesome list
GGCrono Eternal Version:
Thank you for the kind words!
qaizr Edited Eternal Version:
I really wanted to like this deck but it's performing miserably for me in masters. i'm currently at 2 wins and 11 losses. I feel like you need to draw really well to have a chance and even then it's iffy. i run out of steam a lot and if my board gets wiped i'm top decking tiny units or power.

edit: right after posting this i won three in a row. so maybe i just had bad match ups and need to learn how to play the deck.
Solafide Eternal Version:
ya, its bad...the deck really has no punch to it. If any opponent gets down a 3/3 or 4/4 early on they just abuse you until you get the engine going but by then they have held all their removal any way. I win about 2/10 games with this deck. Disappointing.
goldstarbrother Eternal Version:
Wisp decks are pretty hard/weird to play, there's definitely more of a learning curve than something like Rakano. The strongest lines of play usually involve looping something through the void as efficiently as possible and it can be hard to even recognize when that's possible without experience. I don't think this is the best wisps deck but you'll definitely do better with some practice.
vampikachu Eternal Version:
Hey! First of all, great deck and good job! I made a FJS version of spiteling so this peaked my interest. Second, have you considered dropping a couple of your less value cards for maybe two copies of azindel so you can benefit more greatly from your pathlighter? I’m definitely gonna be crafting (reluctantly) drummer just so I can play this lmao
GGCrono Edited Eternal Version:
I had Azindel in the market for awhile. Honestly, this isn't the deck that wants him. Early game, he sits in your hand and does nothing, and if the game goes on long enough to cast him, the odds are already against you.

I don't know how experienced you are, but if you haven't got Shiftstone to burn, I would recommend that you do not craft Drummer. Like I said above, it's super niche. If I can't stop you (and if not, then shine on, you crazy diamond) maybe try the deck with 2-3 copies and add in some more utility cards.
Patches Eternal Version:
What would be a decent replacement for Drummer?
GGCrono Edited Eternal Version:
Going up to four Xenan Initiation probably wouldn't hurt. Beyond that, I'm not sure.

EDIT: I just remembered that Xenan Cultist is a thing that exists. So, y'know, do what you want with that. :)
Atcel Eternal Version:
Just wanted to say freaking great job listing the deck...It is really fun, I'm trying to find a way to get Primal in to deck as well.
GGCrono Eternal Version:
As I said, I experimented with a version that splashed Primal but going straight Xenan ups your consistency immensely. Plus, you don't need to run Seek or any sort of fixing, since the deck only really needs TSS to function.