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Destruction Sacrifice

Expedition Deck By

Work in Progress

Cost Curve




Saw Induce Madness and thought that was a good counter to everyone feeding their lord and saviour the Hecaton.
Tried looking and only saw this Kerendon Sigma grindset by CardboardAddict.
This is a Destruction version.

Ziat is just busted.
Bone Music is busted with how fast we're filling out void.
Harbinger is the best we have to a Clocktower.

Don't be afraid to kamakazi Bug. Bug and Recovery is basically a Reclaimer duo. Repurposed is also here for that reason and incidental chonk Overwhelm Lifegain.

Engraver could be swapped for Hecaton.
Hecaton + Vara = draw 2(or more) + +10/+10 on Vara + still have Hecaton (so that's another draw 3!(or more!))

Murgo is so so. Like a Warleader without the Inspire. But the ultimate could bring back a 2/5+/2 Versatile.
Eletir is also medium. Mainly bait because he'll also grow unanswered.
Repurposed is expensive. Could swap for Recovery but market Fast can be situationally better.

Containment Sphere is for the inscribe, never play it.
Hidden Garrote for pesky Aegis decks.
Recovery is fast emergency. It could be main.
Induce Madness should ensure they never keep a unit out.
Wildlands is the relic removal. Project and Baubles most likely.

Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
1 2 3

Power Sources
10 10 19 14

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
13 27 18 6 5

Card Types
30 5 20 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]


January 22, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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