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The UGGABUGGA-Attack: Frenzy in a Cheap deck (Including 'True-Sight Map)

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Sometimes in live, all the sophisticated ways don't lead to the expected results. Sometimes you just loose your tamper, and feel the need to relentlessly go to full UGGA-BUGGA-Mode, and just destroy things. This deck is my 'eternal-version' of the UGGA-BUGGA!

Mechanics and Concept:
Plain and simple. Rush your opponent with everything you got. Hit fast, hit hard and go for the early knockout. And if you miss with your first and second swing, then you got to prey to gods of the 'True-Sight Map'

The Hitters:
Nico, Urban Hunter,Cabal Associate, Yeti Pugilist, Rakano Anarchist and Feln Adept are your pure hitters. They got the simple job. They come, the hit hard, and they win your match. I choose these, as they are cheap and often underestimated.

The Blockers:
Vein Parasite and Forgotten Youth. You might go UGGABUGGA, but you never go FULL UGGABUGGA! When facing other rusher, it is always good, to have something in the back hand, to slow your opponent a bit down. Those cards might give you the edge.

Pave the way:
Shameful Failure and Panic Ensues are great cards to clear the path to the opponent. While Shameful Failure is not a perfect combination to Feln Adept, it absolutly excels with the other attackers. It is supercheap, and you get away a blocker, and you can trigger Frenzy.

The Damage Spells
Treachery and Thundershot. Often underestimated, but they do the job. Espacially Treachery is extremly helpful, when you go full aggro and need to get rid of certain devestating cards. I usually recommend Exploit, but in this version, we are glad we get the extra damage.

The Longbow
Ossuar Longbow is the most expensive card. He got three possible jobs.
1. You might play it as weapon on your avatar. This gives your DMG-Spells overwhelm (to trigger Frenzy with a killshot), and it can trigger Frenzy by himself.
2. Play it on Rakano Anarchist. Nothing better then having Double Damage AND Overwhelm. Pretty evil...
3. Play it on Feln Adept. Those 0-Basic Attack just suck. The Longbow might change this.

The Midrange-Couple
Golden Horn Security/Midnight Trapper... They don't really fit in the concept of the deck, but sometimes you can't just overrun. Those two cards are good to deliver a finishing blow, and they might trigger Vein Parasite, so feel free to use them as frenzy-triggers.

The Map (our last hope)
Sometimes things go terribly wrong. You get hit by a board wipe, you play a sacrifice deck, or other stupid things happen. 'The Map' is your longshot of drawing a card that might save the day. I am not kidding here. This is a aggro-rush-deck... So you fire what you got, and hope for the best. You will usually end up with an empty hand. Our cards are cheap, so it is quite common, the run out of cards, but with some energy left. Use the map, and if you are lucky, you will find something nice. It is really worth it in those types of decks.

The Market:
The Market is for utility and you might fill it, as you please. I really don't rely that much on it, that's why there are only 3x Caravan Delivery in the deck. It usually is too slow, to use it. But it is a good place for certain backup cards. Barbarian Guerrillas to clear relics, Raniya, Miviox Maniac for obcious reasons, Halotipped Spray as a finisher, maybe Solfire as another damage spell... Just fill it, as it pleases you. Or get rid of it, and sub Delivery for Raniya or . The choice is yours...

I skipped all legendaries in this version of the deck, so it is affordable for everyone. Feel free to add them, as you like. They are usually worth it. This should be a basic concept, and you might need to adjust some aspects of it to your liking...

Warding Beacon and Grim Reminder are left out, as they tend to be to slow. Reminder might have the inscribe, but it never really worked for me, as it usually came too late.

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3 2 2

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8 9 13 9 4

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13 29 17 7

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30 9 14 0 25


April 12, 2023

March 29, 2023


Eternal Version
The Devouring

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AggressionSsb Eternal Version: 23.04.05
map got added you can change it
mauro29 Eternal Version: 23.03.22
jajajaj nice intro, i fucking hate aggro but i have to admit is some what cathartic just a+space and see things break. Looking forward to try this out.