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**the 12/7/2022 patch broke this deck by ruining the interaction of Miners Musket with the unleashed cards**

I've had a good success with this deck, though I haven't had time to climb.

It tends to build momentum and then burst. Started as a 3 color but went to 2 color for consistency.

Miners Musket and Plunk are what you want to start with.

You have multiple win conditions. Straight burn / aggro against really slow stuff. Musket into unleash for a ridiculous swing. Windscreamer to fly all the things. Or pop a Carniverous Terror with Barbarians for big overwhelm.

You generally want to control your opponents board and keep it relatively clean. Really fast aggro decks or decks that can spam creatures faster than you can be problematic b/c you don't have a board wipe. You do have a lot of burn though so it's usually not too bad.

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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
15 15 4 4

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Deck Rarities
2 37 10 4

Card Types
20 8 17 0 30


November 30, 2022


Eternal Version
Enter the Arcanum

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Stormseeker Eternal Version: 22.10.12
very nice Deck, thanks for sharing, also works in gauntlet, i'm impressed
Chokes Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Does this really need 30 power? I'm not a particularly good deckbuilder.
Heph Eternal Version: 22.10.12
You can run leaner if you just want to aggro, but it's actually more midrange and really wants to hit 6 power. At 6 power you can start popping in unleashed cards 2x or more and that's pretty important.
Chokes Edited Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Makes sense! What do you think of Elemental Fury or Caustic Rain? Tomb of the Azuremage seems underwhelming with Barbarian Guerrillas running rampant.
Heph Eternal Version: 22.12.07
Additionally the Azure mage does two important things:
1. It can speed you up early game for a turn or two before the opponent has to deal with it.
2. it often functions as a late game finisher. You typically use a lot of burn and have a lot of spells in your void. So if you get to 8 power, you can pop the enemy for 6-12 direct damage typically. So Azure on 7 power, if the opponent can't answer it, game over on 8 power... Or some such.

There are definitely games where it's not necessary too though, so personal choice.
Heph Eternal Version: 22.10.12
If you found it that you were seeing a lot of aggro, or token spam, that was getting ahead of you, then you could probably swap in a couple Elemental Fury. I'd probably swap out the dashers, even though it slows the deck technically.

Your want to burn early and often, pop a board clear and then use your unleashed units to recover more quickly than the opponent.
mewecoffee Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Just played this, triggering Windscreamer's Frenzy was so fun! thanks for sharing
Heph Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Glad you enjoyed it. My favorite is when I get lucky with the Dino plus barbarian combo and make a 16-16 dino with overwhelm.