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FPS Keelo Shrine (Top 20)

Expedition Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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I am back after a short break with this slightly different take on FPS Shrine that I took from diamond 3 to master with a 24:4 record (entering at rank 14). I added Keelo, Bold Innovator in the market and adjusted some things in the powerbase because of that (1 Argenport Cylix and 1 Rakano Cylix and 3 Petition. This makes the powerbase look really messy, but it worked in almost every game (only had to wait for the second primal influence for Mother once, but got it in time to still win)). Also added some symbols and cut some seats down to 1 because Petition can tutor for them when you need them). The maindeck is mostly standart FPS, but I did cut some copies of Maveloft Huntress and added 1 copy of Jekk, Mercenary Hunter and 1 copy of Bladecrafter as potential targets for Keelo. Jekk performed really well so far and 3 fire is usually achievable in case you draw him, but I am not 100% sure about Crafter yet. Its nice to be able to search for Edge of Prophecy in case you need it, but if I went for a 4 drop with Keelo Strange Burglar was the better choice most of the time. You could also try 1 copy of Kenna, Uncontained instead, but she is way harder to cast in case you draw her.
The deck is definitely hard to play and requires a bit of a learning curve, but its also sometimes forgiving to mistakes (I had a few games were I made several small sequencing mistakes and still won, but try to reflect on them and avoid them later even if you have won the game in the end). The most important and difficult parts are the mulligan and sequencing in the first few turns, especially deciding what power to play at what time and what sigil to discard with your vows. The deck usually needs FF(F)(J)PPSS influence, but depending on your hand you can decide what influence is more important early on and when its best to play depleted power. Sometimes you have to gamble a bit and hope on luck with future draws, but try to focus on what you need for your current hand.
The deck definitely profits from the fact that Rolant, Iron Tyrant gets played a lot less right now, with many players switching to TJP as the control deck of choice instead of TJS. If Rolant gets played more again you might have to add Turn to Seed in the market instead of Combust. I also didnt see many primal heavy Elysian decks (like the team TBC variant from the last expedition challenge). If you run into that deck more often you might need to include more Maveloft Huntresses again to combat an early Wump & Mizo, because this version is pretty light on early interaction right now.
But despite that aggro didnt feel like a big problem. You can usually curve out some units in the early game that block the smaller stuff (with Blightmoth and Mother of Skiesbeing the best possible units) and grab Combust to kill the first big unit. Shrine to Karvet usually seals the deal as long as they dont have Milos, Rebel Bomber on the board. The hardest part against aggressive decks is to decide when to go for card draw and when to just curve out for board presence. Usually its better to go for presence in the early turns and go for card draw with Kindling Carver and Strange Burglar later, but sometimes you can go for draws earlier or have to wait even longer to have enough blockers on their turn.
I havent seen much midrange, but if I ran into ones it was mostly Xenan and MonoS. Both play big units from turn 3 or 4 onwards, so you have to be prepared for that (Combust from the market; Shrine to just race them and dont really care about their board to much; enough small blockers to still get good blocks; Edge of Prophecy for good trades into medium sized units). Win conditions are general card advantage through Keelo, Carver, Burglar or Wyatt's Junkyard or/and board advantage/damage through Kato, Arena Herald and Shrine.
The win conditions are relatively similar against control (mostly TJP and different Worldpyre variants), but you have to play around different cards. The most important part is to not overcommit into Shen-Ra Speaks, but you also shouldnt undercommit because you are afraid of it. If your board on turn 5 is only Carver and a Kato its usually totally fine to play Mother of Skies, but it can sometimes depend on your hand. Another important card to keep in mind is Equalize. Not all TJP/TJS decks play it, but its usually good to keep it in mind. Same for Savage Incursion (If you have almost 20 cards in the void, see if you can avoid putting more into it. But this is, as always, depending on the game state. If you need the card draw to keep up Carver and Burglar to 20 are fine, but if you are already winning try to play around the few cards that can make you lose, like the 3 I mentioned here).
The market felt pretty good so far. Combust is important because the deck lacks hard removal. Try to use it only if you really need it. Keelo is good if the board is even or if you are slightly ahead because she can take that advantage and make it way bigger over a few turns. Dont be to afraid of removal on Keelo tho, she isnt important to win (that was one of the main reasons I liked the deck overall. Turn to Seed and other removal didnt feel like it really mattered that much, because you have a lot of different ways to win). A nice way to make removal even worse is to Keelo a Merchant into Strange Burglar, because most opponents wont have removal for both, so even if they kill 1 you still have another way to gain immense advantage. Also dont be afraid to sacrifice Keelo for other effects if you really need to (if you only have 1 or 2 cards in hand and only Keelo and Burglar on the board, its usually right to sac Keelo for 3 draws). Display of Menace can be played main (probably over Devour), but I like it as a market card because of its flexibility. Its also your only relic removal, so if you know that your opponent has a specific relic that you have to remove you should probably keep Display for that. Silverblade Menace is a good finisher against TJP, but keep in mind that they often play Transpose and/or Just Desserts. Wyatts Junkyard is a good value engine that you mostly want to take against slower decks, because the 2 damage at the end of the turn can definitely matter (especially if you dont draw shrine).
Thanks to everyone that has read this way to long rambling and Good luck on ladder!

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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
3 1 2 2

Power Sources
14 2 12 13 16

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Deck Rarities
14 23 27 1 8

Card Types
41 6 7 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


October 19, 2020


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mikriv Eternal Version: 20.10.06
One thing I might add: if you have Shrine up, play your Edge of Uprising before you sacrifice a unit; otherwise it will cost 8 because all of your units now have more than 1 attack.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Yes, good call. The same applies for Strange Burglar (and other Strangers if you already have a Burglar on the field).
djwarpt Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Another fun one; can't wait to give this a spin.